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Article: #11 August notes

#11 Augustové zápisky

#11 August notes

I believe you are celebrating Constitution Day. Because neither do we.

It seems that summer and long sunny days have already rung.

That too had to come. We hope we will please you with our regular monthly notes.

Sit down, grab a cup of tea, lemonade or a glass of wine and delve into the overview of everything important for the month of August.


1) Aid for all Schoolchildren

The new school year is fast approaching.

Well, this time too we thought of every student and presented the third version of The Schoolboy.

A magazine that helps students find out what careers they are suited for. Evaluate which career is closest to them.

Determine what is important in life. And plan on a weekly basis.

And what else can be improved on the diary, which has helped more than 1532 students so far? There is more space in it. Fewer texts. And mainly it is dated as a school year - from September 2021 to August 2022.
2) Collection of combs from the Poustr edition: Routes

When we introduced the new Trasy product line at the end of last year, we knew from the start that it would be different from the mountain Poustre.

The first two graphics of Kriváň and Veľké Rozsutec were just a run-in.

We collected your feedback and experimented.

In production, they called us crazy at first, but you know that we look for challenges.

The result is a new limited edition of combs , which is based on a line drawing background by Milan Pleva.

Black and white screen printing suits him very well.

We again selected the tourist route and points of interest with the matadors from Hikemates and printed it on a clear map.

You can frame them together as one graphic.

Or split them into two. It's up to you.

So far, we have presented the first two graphics of Mala Fatra and Low Tatras.

You can look forward to more iconic scallops ;)
3) Poustr: Cesta Hrdinov SNP

We will stay at Poustroch.

Our mission is to help you discover your potential and change your perspective.

One of the historical events that changed the view of post-war Czechoslovakia is certainly the Slovak National Uprising.

It is no wonder that the longest tourist route in Slovakia is named after all the heroes of this important event in modern history.

That is also why we presented the concept of Poustra Cesta Hrdinov SNP for the 77th anniversary, which was created by combining the illustration of iconic places by Frenky Hříbal and its route by Milan Pleva shown on a pause screen.
4) The first two of the designs for the new shelters are out!

We are extremely happy that our joint cozy project with our friends from Hikemates is also moving forward.

After weeks of discussions with selected studios, we published the first two of the proposals.

Jozef Mak's minimalist home in the area of ​​Mihalinová, Malé Karpaty.
And also the Slavíček shelter in the Muránská plain, in the Trňstie region.
Both of these are moving towards realization in the near future.

Especially thanks to the support of partner organizations and more than 1,800 contributors to the campaign.

Soon we will present the third design of the cozy house.

We don't know about you, but we are very much looking forward to sleeping there after a good hike.

Follow and you will learn more about the whole cozy project.
5) Book and magazine delicacies at Brot Books Deli

In previous posts, we presented you with a new project on Panenská street, which we have been working on for the past months.

Brot Books Deli , a place where you will discover tools that will allow you to grow healthy and create.

And also a place where you can come look at our products and a collection point for all your madebythe: orders.

We launched a crowdfunding campaign for its successful launch .

After a month, we have only the last milestone left.

And starting tomorrow, after a month of testing, we're officially opening Brot to everyone!

However, you can still order some of the rewards and packages for discounted amounts.

For example a great combo of books with our Exercise Books and Journals.

Otherwise, we already have a relatively large part of all book and magazine titles.

Also snacks that you can't find anywhere else in Slovakia.

We look forward to your visit soon ;)

As you can see, we didn't rest during the summer months.

Vice versa! We are working simultaneously on other projects and news.

You would normally have read about them by now.

Well, they will come to you along with a regular dose of inspiration in the next email.

After the last notes, you wrote to us that you prefer more time for the first part of the notes. And we are always happy to hear from you.

I believe that the first part of our notes made you happy.

We wish you to manage this summer season in mental well-being.

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