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Article: #13 October notes

#13 Októbrové zápisky

#13 October notes

We have here the last day of the month of October, the last Monday, and with it our regular notes.

If you already know what this is about, skip my introduction and start reading.

If you don't know, every month we bring an overview of the most important things that we have achieved and that have inspired us.

We will never miss out on all the news that we will present in the following month.

Enjoy reading ;)


1) We launched the pre-sale of the new edition of Journals

In October, we presented you with the 11th edition of Journals for 2022

In addition to the traditionally improved Journals such as Annual and Half-Yearly, we have added a number of novelties.

We added a total of 18 new products to our e-shop.

And not only diaries.

Zäčšné Ročník Plus, an improved version of the original creative, Starter, or a complete collection of new inserts and stationery.

We believe that all the news made you happy!

View them all and order in advance

Otherwise, we will start sending all pre-sale orders gradually, immediately after the new products are in stock, within the next few days.
2) Up there: Discover the untold stories of Tatra chalets

After ten months of preparation, together with our friends from Hikemates, we presented our first book, Tam Hore .

There are 504 photos up there. 453 kilometers traveled. 272 pages of content. 155 historical facts. 111 attractions. 68 archive footage. 20 people. 13 stories. 10 months. 1 book. 🔥

In our first book, you will find stories and thoughts about small stories, but also real legends, written by Samo Marec.

Well, it doesn't end there. For each of the 13 cottages, we have described the atmosphere, added points of interest and timeless tips. And we also added author's photos by Jakub Čaprnka and drawings by Ivana Čobejová.

Each cottage also received its own original illustration from the popular author of our Poustrov by Adrián Mach.

A total of 20 people contributed to the book, whom we will introduce gradually.

We presented the book as well as the tourist shelter project through a crowdfunding campaign.

This time on a completely new one, which was recently created - Donio Slovensko.

So far, more than 400 contributors have supported the creation of the book.

You can join too!

Help us publish the book and order it in advance as a reward at

Otherwise, you can follow the entire campaign and news on our Instagram profile @poustr_madebythe
3) We presented our first e-book

We have made a commitment to bring you the highest quality content in addition to our products.

When we were thinking about the form in which we would bring it, the format of a free e-book immediately came to mind.

And the theme? A relatively easy choice - How not to be disturbed

Because before we can start working on our goals, we first need to get rid of distractions (and I don't mean your boss :))

In our e-book, we revealed the most popular tips, thanks to which you too can get rid of unwanted distractions.

Download it too and create more time for what's really important.
4) We added in-person pickup from Brot Books Deli

We already wrote about our new bookstore on Panenská Street in previous notes.

We have spent the last few weeks moving the warehouse to a new address.

This is so that we can now pick up our order directly in the center of Bratislava.

How to choose personal collection?

In the first step of the ordering process, you have the option to choose whether we will send the package to your address or mailroom, or you can pick it up at Brot Books Deli.

We believe that this way we will save the environment more and at the same time we will be closer to you.
The first half of our notes is at the end.

In the others, we will soon share with you everything that has most interested and inspired us lately.

And also what you can look forward to during November!

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