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Article: #6 March notes

#6 Marcové zápisky

#6 March notes

It's the last Monday in March.

And with it, other notes landed in your mailbox.

If it's your first ever, you'll find an overview of everything important over the last period.

In addition, a small dose of inspiration and at the end I will reveal news that you can look forward to in the near future.


We are creating a new generation of tourist shelters

After several months of preparation, we launched our Startlab campaign .

Together with Hikemates, we decided to bring three high-quality architectural designs for future tourist shelters.

Well, if we managed to collect more, we would also build one.

And what is the result after almost 2 weeks since the launch of the campaign?

Thanks to the huge support, we have already collected more than 53,000 euros.

After paying the costs of rewards and the Startlab fee, this will not only be enough for 3 high-quality designs, but we will be able to build a shelter without external resources.

Despite the fact that there are still 17 days left until the end of the campaign, we have decided to continue and donate every additional 5,000 euros to materials for the restoration of existing shelters.

Help us to contribute to shelters as much as possible. We thank you!

Poustr: Cult tourist shelters

We donated several rewards to our Startlab campaign.

In addition to miniPousts or Smalťáks, we also added a whole new collection of Pousts with iconic Slovak shelters.

Andrejcová, Ramža, Salaš pod Suchým and the last pieces of the fairytale cozy Limba in the Great Fatran ridge

We have replenished the stocks of Journals and Exercise Books

"That took." One might think that we don't know how to plan.

But the truth is that the supplier postponed the delivery of the paper to us seven times.

But the wait is over. This week we stocked the long sold out Pohoďák and the most popular Journal: Ročník .

Later, the long-awaited Nedatovník will be added to them.


Also in the March notes, I bring you a selection of everything that caught our attention:

📚 Book: Satchin Panda: Circadian code

🎥 Film: Netflix: Knives out

April is always a breakthrough month for us.

We are preparing printing materials for the new edition of Journals.

Two new Exercise Books will also be added to them. But more on that in May ;)

After the end of the Startlab campaign, we will return to the Poustr collection: Routes with one of the most iconic mountains in Slovakia.

Well, you can also look forward to a completely new product that will bring you everyday joy.

We will reveal soon. 😉


The March notes are at the end.

Don't forget to let us know how you liked them.

If you have tips for books or podcasts, feel free to send them.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you with new challenges waiting for you!

Don't forget to rest during the Easter holidays.

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