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Article: What did May bring? New Semesters and many pleasant travels

Čo priniesol máj? Nové Polročníky a veľa príjemného cestovania

What did May bring? New Semesters and many pleasant travels

What does May mean to you? Love time, throwing away warm clothes or do you immediately remember the emotions of hockey? 🏒

For us, it is traditionally mainly the presentation of the new Semesters.

This May was no exception, and you can already find the news on the web and in bookstores throughout Slovakia. 🇸🇰

Well, we also traveled around Slovakia. Even with one stop in the Czech Republic.

But more in the latest monthly notes, which we are inviting you to.

Open a well-chilled beer or lemonade and don't let yourself be disturbed. 🍹👇


We have presented a new version of the Semester

As we mentioned in the introduction, we do not intend to leave you without quality space for all your plans even in the second half of the year. And we have already presented the 14th version of the Half Year . 🎈

Have you seen her yet?

This time, too, we were based on your feedback. And quite naturally, one knowledge emerged from this.

That it is no longer necessary to make adjustments to the layout or paper thickness every six months. Indeed, many of you liked exactly the mixture of elements that the Semesters now have:

👉 well-known exercises that have been fine-tuned over the years Journal method

👉 a whole page per day → lines for notes, dots for notes and sketches

👉 quality Italian 90g paper without chlorine and acids

👉 rounded corners

or many other gadgets.

And so we prefer to concentrate all the more on moving the quality of production and distribution to you. The room for improvement never ends there. 🚀

Do you want to start the second half of the year with extra space for all your plans and notes?

Discover the new Semester

We talked to you about Na Chrbte in other cities

After Bratislava, we also published the book about those who carry a little more on their backs in other Slovak cities.

We spent a pleasant time with you in Poprad, Košice and Rožňava.

You can already find the new book in all Martinus, Panta Rhei and directly on our Poustra website . 😍

We visited Zlín Design Week

A festival full of design and endless inspiration. 💡

And of course we didn't just come here for nothing.

For the first time, you could see the new Poustra, which you can already find on the web .


📚 Book: The School of Life - Small Pleasures: beauty and interest of the world around us

🎥 Movie: Together

🎙 Podcast: Trainer Chudý: With proper breathing, we can influence more than we think

📱 Digital tool: Scribe

📰 Article: How to ask open questions (+50 questions that start an interesting conversation)


Gymnasiums will get a new dress

Soon, we will present you with a fresh redesign of the products that you have loved as much as our diaries and notebooks - Cvičebnic.

They will get colors that the world has never seen before in Journals. 🤩

Opening of the third cozy house

Since we want everything to be really tip-top, the D-day had to be moved up a bit. Well, it will actually come in a few days. Introducing the last of the new generation of cosy.

Jozef Mak's shelter will be located in the Little Carpathians in the Mihalinová location (420 m above sea level), in the middle of an older beech forest, and we can't wait for you to come and enjoy it. ⛰

We will inform you about everything on Poustra's social networks.

We will be able to meet in Prague

On June 10, we will visit Papír Fest - an event for all paper freaks. 📖

So if you enjoy the feeling of quality paper and stationery as much as we do, write this date in your diary. ✍ We believe that we will see each other. 😉


The May notes are at the end.

Don't forget to let us know how you liked them.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you with new challenges that await you in June!

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