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Article: What did September bring? A good market, a book for small tourists and the opening of a cozy restaurant

Čo priniesol september? Dobrý trh, knihu pre malých turistov i otvorenie útulne

What did September bring? A good market, a book for small tourists and the opening of a cozy restaurant

We believe that even after the third quarter, you don't let go of your annual or half-yearly goals like the leaves on the branches. 🍂

The dry weather also tests our zest for life, but every time we look back at how much has been achieved lately, it's about something better.

Even today, we bring you a summary of everything that has happened in recent weeks, what inspired us and what is yet to happen. 📆

Make yourself a warm tea and enjoy the new autumn notes. 😉


We met you at the Good Market

This year is much richer in the possibility of personal meetings with you than the previous one, which we are very happy about. 🙌

In September, we visited our favorite Good Market again.

We are always very pleased to see how the things we create make you happy.

We thank everyone who came and we look forward to the next meetings during the Christmas design markets in Stará Tržnica or in Prague.

And Brno won't stand in the corner either - we're going to premiere at Le Market ;)

We published our first book for small and large tourists

After the success of Tam hore, many of you asked us what comes next.

Since we are passionate tourists and want to lead "our" little ones to a responsible and positive relationship with nature, the choice was clear.

After several months of effort, our friends from Hikemates and I presented a new book 👉 Who will jump Roháč

Karol, the horniest chamois, wrote down fundamental rules in it so that every small (and with him also large) tourist knows how to avoid getting into trouble. ⛰

Would you also like to spend a pleasant time with your little ones browsing the advice of Karol the chamois?
We launched a new charity mountain challenge

The situation with marked hiking trails in the Western Tatras is critical.
The problem is mainly damaged or completely missing bridges over mountain streams.

So my friends from Hikemates and I created a new campaign through which you can support the restoration and construction of tourist bridges that will serve for many more years.

Put your hand to the work and help save this important part of the Slovak mountains

Only the last 2 days remain until the end of the campaign. Thanks for any help.
We opened the first of a generation of new shelters

We are very happy that after difficult months of designing, equipping and building, we can finally announce that the first shelter of the #ZažiÚtulne project is open to the public. 💚

You can find it near Kloptani, in the beautiful forests of the Volovské vrchy, on the SNP road.

The cozy interior will provide comfort for almost 10 tourists, who will be warmed by the stove even in the coldest weather. Take a look inside its interior and when you have a way around, don't forget to leave the cozy place behind you clean, without garbage and with ready wood for others.

We thank everyone who contributed to its creation, including 1429 contributors to the campaign, the GRAU studio and the project partners – the Košice Autonomous Region and the Košice Region.

And of course also to our friends from Hikemates, with whom we embarked on this daring project.

Watch the video of the opening and take a look inside the most modern cozy house in Slovakia.

It will soon be joined by the cozy Sláviček in Muránská plain. We will reveal more soon ;)



New edition of Journals 🎉

At the markets, you often asked us when you can look forward to new versions of diaries and notebooks.

We will make you happy - we will present version 13.0 already this month.

And we have something for the impatient ready now - even with a little surprise . Follow our social networks and we will tell you more on Monday . 😉


The September notes are at the end.

Don't forget to let us know how you liked them.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you with the new challenges that await you in October.

Juraj and madeby the: team

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