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Article: We go even further online! Enjoy the February notes

S onlinom ideme ešte ďalej! Vychutnaj si Februárové zápisky

We go even further online! Enjoy the February notes

February flew by, didn't it?
What did you experience and what did you learn?
In madebyth: February was marked by the celebration of Valentine's Day with a special Journal package , a friendly farewell to our valuable article Mať , but especially in the spirit of improving our new concept of the digital Journal . 📱
But you can read more in the latest monthly notes.
Make yourself comfortable and go for it. 😉


You shared with us a lot of observations about the Journal online
At the end of January, we presented you with the first ever online Journal, remember?
We couldn't even believe the interest he met with you.
More than 900 of you downloaded it in the first week alone.
We didn't need more 👉 The online magazine must continue! And be even better!
That's also why we asked you for feedback in February. Thank you to everyone who filled it out for us.
And we started improving.
We introduced the Journal online 1.2
Based on your feedback, we incorporated more than 20 improvements into the second version.
The layout of the daily page is the most visible. Using hyperlinks the most useful.
And again, we've given it to you for free.
Because the satisfaction rating below 4.8  we don't take. And so we experiment further.
Haven't you downloaded the new Online Journal 1.2 yet?
Choose again from three variants:
✅ PDF to fill out online
✅ Printable PDF
✅ Remarkable template
And continue the digital journey towards your long-term vision.

Again, I have only one condition:

I will contact you in a month with a request for feedback. 😉


🎥 Movie: The Game Changers
📱 App: Toggl


Another addition to the digital product family

Do you know Notion ?

It's a seemingly endless digital space to jot down and organize whatever you need. It's going to be one of those Fridays that we're talking about it in the company and we can't praise it enough.

Well, within this platform, we are preparing another novelty for you, which will make your planning and everyday life easier.

Are you as excited as we are? 😍


The February notes are at the end.

Don't forget to let us know how you liked them.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you with the new challenges that await you in March.
Juraj and madebythe: the team

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