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Article: Not even 24 hours passed and we reached the first milestone 🎉🎉

Neprešlo ani 24 hodín a dosiahli sme prvý míľnik 🎉🎉

Not even 24 hours passed and we reached the first milestone 🎉🎉

Also thanks to the help from about 100 of you, we will cover the costs of the production change. We did not expect such a speed 😮 The path to a more sustainable Journal has thus been successfully started, but it is far from over. 🤞🏼

If we manage to reach another milestone, we will cover the cost of producing our bestseller – the first 500 Vintages.

How can you help us❓

Pre-order one of the new Savile Row editions 👉

If you already have your Journal, it helps if you recommend it to your community. Be sure to mention what helped you the most. You will thus help us to expand the community of enthusiastic Journalists.

Thank you 🙏

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