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Article: Rely on your own mind

Spo─żahni sa na vlastn├Ż rozum

Rely on your own mind

Also, do you get invited to webinars that will lead you in a straight line to riches? Did your friend recommend "the one book you need to read to become a successful person?" ­čĺŞ

The fast way "up" always sounds tempting, but it often ends with an equally fast plunge down.

In ┼Żurn├íl, we have a clear view of it: You should rather rely on your own reason.

┼Żurn├íl will be happy to help you with this in the coming year as well.

Along with the new campaign, we are also presenting the new edition of the Journals for 2023 .

If you want to know more about the new products, don't worry, in the coming weeks we will introduce them to you one by one on our social networks .

Which magazine will you start the new year with this time?

We wish you much joy from your own sensible decisions,

Juraj and Journalists

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