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Article: Up There: Discover the untold stories of Tatra chalets

Tam Hore: Objav nevypovedané príbehy tatranských chát

Up There: Discover the untold stories of Tatra chalets

504 photos. 453 kilometers traveled. 272 pages of content. 155 historical facts. 111 attractions. 68 archive footage. 20 people. 13 stories. 10 months. 1 book
Up there: untold stories of Tatra cottages
We present to you our first book about the untold stories of Tatra chalets.
In it you will find stories and thoughts about small stories, but also real legends. You will learn, for example, about the secret visit of the Pope to the Silesian House, about the pulling of matches in Rysy or about a certain Czech tourist and her wedding dowry.
Well, it doesn't end there. For each of the 13 cottages, we have described the atmosphere, added points of interest and timeless tips. And we also added author's photos by Jakub Čaprnka and drawings by Ivana Čobejová. Each cottage also received its original illustration from the favorite author of our Poustres, Adrián Mach.
Tam Hore: untold stories of Tatra cottages, book

Tam Hore stands out not only with the content and quality of graphic materials, but also with its processing. This time the paper is all the way from Sweden. And we chose it specifically to make your experience with large-format photos as authentic as possible.

Up there: Untold stories of Tatra cottages

Well, without your help, the entire book will remain only in printed materials. That's why we decided to launch its pre-sale through the new fundraising platform Donio Slovakia.

You too can discover the untold stories of Tatra cottages. Help us with its publication and order it in advance for a reward

The book Tam Hore: untold stories of Tatra cottages


Otherwise, we started the project together with friends from Hikemates. The largest tourist club in Slovakia, which connects mountains and people.

Thanks also go to more than twenty people who contributed to the book.

Soon we will introduce them all here.

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