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Article: 11 books that inspired us to create the Journal

11 kníh, ktoré nás inšpirovali pri vzniku Žurnálu

11 books that inspired us to create the Journal

I remember the period when the first Journal was created. A million notes, papers all over the room, multiple workshops and discussions.

We just knew. that we don't want to build the whole method from scratch. Instead, we relied on two components — primary data from users and secondary data from books.

While we will comment on the research some other time, in this article we bring you 11 books on personal development that kicked off the creation of the Journal. 📚

📕Stephen Covey: 7 Habits of Really Effective People

A book from the "must read" category. Covey guides you through the seven main principles of effective planning and organizing. Moreover, it is very good and easy to read.

📙David Allen: Having everything done

The first edition of this book saw the light of day already at the beginning of the new millennium. Despite this, the GTD method continues to gain many supporters. Time magazine named this book the best book of the decade. We would have chosen another, but this book definitely belongs in your library.

📘Leo Babauta: Zen and done

Combining Covey's Seven Habits and Allen's GTD, the book Zen and Done. The author Leo Babauta has written a thin but very rich book that helps you create key productivity habits.

📓Gary Keller: Only thing

On the cover of the Slovak edition you will find information that it is "one of the hundred best business books of all time". We have to agree. Not only the winning of numerous awards, but above all the contents make it a book that should become a part of the home library.

📒Charles Duhigg: The power of habit

No need to be afraid of habit and routine! However, it must be properly set. Charles Duhigg teaches how to shape our habits and why they are so important.

📕Petr Ludwig: The end of procrastination

If you are reading this article, but you should be working right now, I will definitely focus my attention on the Czech bestseller The End of Procrastination. Petr Ludwig will show you that you can overcome the constant postponement of tasks.

📘Bill Burnett & Dave Evans: Designers of Your Own Life

We can take a lot from designers. For example, we can learn how to manage our lives in a way that brings us joy. Because "follow your passion" is not always the best choice...

📗Cal Newport: So good they won't miss you

How to get the job of your dreams? Another book that will deal a hard blow to this "advice" and also to the aforementioned passion. The subtitle of the book Passion is useless, you will get the job of your dreams thanks to skills' speaks for itself.

📕Seth Godin: Kick that crate

What needs to be done to make the idea you like come true? This is answered by Seth Godin, who knows a very simple but effective answer - Kick your crate :)

📗 Carol Dweck: Mindset

In the book, psychologist Carol Dweck discusses the principles of the human mind. And he talks about why people with a growth mindset are happier and smarter. If you don't have one, don't be sad. In the book you will learn how to switch your internal light :)

📙Tim Ferriss: The Four-Hour Work Week

Tim Ferriss realizes that there are more and more people in the world who have to put aside their hobbies or everyday pleasures for work. How not to waste your life by constant work is taught in the book The Four-Hour Work Week.

Good luck kicking it up and running. Be sure to let us know what you're working on and who knows, maybe we'll come up with something together... :)

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