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Article: What did August bring? We made your return to school more pleasant and made all travelers happy

Čo priniesol August? Spríjemnili sme vám návrat do školy a potešili všetkých cestovateľov

What did August bring? We made your return to school more pleasant and made all travelers happy

Are you also a little sad about the end of the summer, or are you disappointed with the level of pre-election discussions?
We hope to improve your mood at least a little in the next few minutes.
And we will show you that honesty has not yet disappeared everywhere in Slovakia. 🙂
Here are our regular monthly notes. 👇


We helped many of you to have a more pleasant return to school

We know that going back to school can be painful. And so we decided to make it at least a little more pleasant for you. 😍


If you add a package of two notebooks to your student equipment by Thursday, we will give you a cult Czechoslovak versatile notebook from the new Žurnál edition. 🙌

It's up to you whether it will be 2x Ideation, 2x Bulleťák or 2x Notebook. All of them will please you with high-quality materials, a stylish minimalist look and the feeling of supporting honest Slovak production.

Discover the Back to school package

Journal - back to school

PS: Don't worry, we won't want confirmation of school attendance. The package is also suitable for non-students. 😉

We revived the World Traveller

Do you remember the times when there was still a World Traveler section in the Journals?

Space to mark your travel dreams directly on the map. 🗺

Over time, you let us know in your feedback that many of you hardly use it at all.

"World Traveler" will probably not return to the Journal, but we have decided to revive it at least in online form. And completely free.

You can now download the PDF for free and paste it into the Journal.

Fill the World Traveler with your travel dreams and enjoy ticking them off. ✅

Where will your wandering boots head next? ✈️

Journal - Svetobežník


🎥 Series: Black Mirror
📱 Digital tool: LastPass


New definition of Journal 

If you have been a bit confused about what exactly is madebythe:, what is Journal and what is Poustr, we will make you happy. Already in September, we will make it a little more orderly.

New versions of diaries

The most anticipated part of the year for every Journalist is approaching again. We are working hard on the versions of the diaries for 2024. Here, too, fundamental changes are waiting for you. Don't tell anyone, but in the game there is even a different material for the outer part of the diaries than leatherette. 🤫

We are preparing a reprint of the book Tam Hore 

We considered it for a long time. Well, the Book of Untold Stories of Tatra Cottages is still such a success with you that it can't be done any other way. It will be available again up there. 🙌 Soon we will bring you the fourth edition, even with minor content changes.
And we will also please all passionate tourists from beyond the Morava River. We will also publish the book in the Czech language. 😍🇨🇿
Journal - Up there: Untold stories of Tatra cottages

Well, that's all from August's notes.

We hope they lifted your spirits at least a little.

If you haven't done so yet, don't forget to write a reminder in the Journal on September 30.

So that the fears that a large part of us have do not come true. 🙂

We wish you pleasant September days,

Juraj and Journalists

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