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Article: THE MAGAZINE CELEBRATES 7 YEARS: Help us start a new era

ŽURNÁL OSLAVUJE 7 ROKOV: Pomôž nám začať novú éru

THE MAGAZINE CELEBRATES 7 YEARS: Help us start a new era

The most awaited day for every Journalist is here. We're happy, we're nervous, and we're wondering what you have to say. 🥳

✨ We have prepared a number of novelties that will make journaling even more enjoyable for you 👉
1️⃣ We are constantly trying to push the limits of sustainability in everything we create, so we change the leatherette from which the packaging is made to the prestigious Savile row paper with a textile effect. So it is still very pleasant to the touch, but it is made of colored pulp without surface treatment and has FSC certification.
2️⃣ You asked for a second color, you should have it → for the first time in the history of the Journal, we also put our products in other colors than the traditional black, which you will find out on the website ✨
3️⃣ In connection with the Burnout project, we bring you a lot of new texts in the Journal that will regularly help you in the field of mental well-being
4️⃣ You can also recognize the new edition by the completely new sleeves, with a new logo and labeling system. Since we have a little more variants, each one has a unique letter and number. Well, don't worry, you will find a word mark right above it 😉
However, we cannot do it ourselves, so we would appreciate your help. A pre-sale is currently underway. This means that you will have to wait a few days longer for the Journal than if it was available in stock, but you will help us cover its production costs in advance so that we can operate without problems.
Discover new Journals and other rewards 👉
Thank you for being able to celebrate this important milestone together 🙏

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