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We are ending the pre-sale:


On October 24, we launched the pre-sale of the new edition for 2024. Symbolically for the 7th birthday. That required something really special.

We have revealed the biggest change in the history of the Journal. The new ecological Savile row edition.

In more than a month since the launch , thanks to the support of 631 of you, we have reached all the milestones together.

Not only will we make enough of the new edition for everyone, but we will also cover all costs related to the transition to more ecological production.

We gave each other the most beautiful gift to celebrate our 7th anniversary 🎉

We thank you.



For all of you who are still delaying your support, we have good news - if you support us before December 11th, we will throw a small surprise in your package.

The last piecesRočník R103Ročník R103
Ročník R103 Sale price13 € Regular price21 €
Sold outRočník R104Ročník R104
Ročník R104 Sale price13 € Regular price21 €
SECOND HALF OF 2024Polročník P204Polročník P204
Polročník P204 Sale price17 €
Nápadník N303Nápadník N303
Nápadník N303 Sale price17 € Regular price21 €
Nedatovník R404Nedatovník R404
Nedatovník R404 Sale price21 €
Sold outPersonal therapyPersonal therapy
Personal therapy Sale priceFrom 24 € Regular price26 €
Satisfied officeSatisfied office
Satisfied office Sale priceFrom 24 € Regular price26 €
Sold outA successful startupA successful startup
A successful startup Sale priceFrom 24 € Regular price26 €
A broken recordA broken record
A broken record Sale priceFrom 24 € Regular price26 €
Mental resetMental reset
Mental reset Sale priceFrom 24 € Regular price26 €
A clear pathA clear path
A clear path Sale priceFrom 24 € Regular price26 €
Lots of ideasLots of ideas
Lots of ideas Sale price30 € Regular price32 €

The 2024 version didn't have to be here at all

Despite the fact that our Journals have helped more than 30,000 of you in the past 7 years, this version did not have to be here at all.

The last 12 months have been the most difficult in our history. We have endured three difficult quarters with a depleted team and sold out supplies, and now we are hoping for a small miracle. We appreciate that we got an extra chance on our seventh birthday.

We are all the more aware of the commitment that comes with the creation of paper products. Sustainability is our core value. And with even more responsible production, we want to contribute to a more sustainable future.


We want to produce Journals completely without plastics

Although it may not have looked like that from the outside, the whole year was about changes for us. We have transformed the magazine into a slow publishing house that strives first and foremost to be a healthy company. And the slogan Ideas worthy of the future was added to the new logo.

We changed the manufacturer and the production technology, and instead of synthetic leather, we decided to use paper. For our 2024 collection, we chose the prestigious Savile Row, named after the iconic London street famous for being home to the world's best tailors.

It is created by upcycling textile materials and is a tribute to the craftsmanship that defines us. Visual and material changes also affected the sleeve, packaging and sewing threads.

Why Savile Row?

The prestigious Savile Row paper is named after the iconic London street famous for the best tailors in the world. Its choice is a tribute to the craftsmanship that defines our diaries and replaces synthetic leather.
The entire new version will be produced completely without plastics.



What new content awaits me?

You will focus on your mental health

The magazine was already strongly anti-hustler in previous versions. Gradually, the space for tudučka dwindled, and with the gained space, the need for well-asked questions grew. Many of us have begun to notice mental health as an indicator of whether we are overdoing it with the pressure to perform.

But only in this version, when we started the cooperation with Nevyhorený, we brought it to satisfaction. We have added several small reflections from their bookazine. Every month you can look forward to a well-targeted text that will remind you of what is really important in life.

Why do we pre-sell?

Because it has to do with slowness. Although we could have risked it, in August we once again chose to withdraw all our savings and put everything on one card. But we want to take small steps.

Crowdfunding has helped us several times in the past. And we rely on him even now. We transparently communicate to you how much money we need and for what. And we hope you will support us again.

Are you here for the first time and don't know how the Journal works?

The certified method of the Journal is built on principles that have a solid scientific basis. It relies on the research of world-famous psychologists and authors.

The journal is first and foremost a diary. You normally write down a note for each day in your diary. We could end here - but as you can imagine, it won't be that simple.

What you write down is only the top of the pyramid. You still have to see how it fits into your plans. Which means you have to know what you want to achieve in life. For that you have to know where you are in life and for that you have to know who you actually are.

If you don't know us...

We are Ivan and Zambo. Two best friends who met while studying in Brno and knew they wanted something more from life. That they want honest products to speak for them, which will help people discover their potential and make them happy every day.

We went into business without knowing we were in business. We just wanted to help friends who had a problem with time management. And it somehow got out of control..

Get to know our story