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Who jumps Roháče

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8 chapters in which the most horned chamois Karol wrote the fundamental rules so that every small and big tourist knows how to avoid getting into trouble.

When flipping through a book for children from the age of 3, you will realize together that the rolls sometimes grow even for tourists. They do devilish things and dare to do daring stunts. They show off, overestimate their powers and underestimate the power of nature. At that time, it is busy in Roháče and the rescuers have their hands full.

Together with the chamois Karol, we decided to change that. Kamzík Karol left us some advice in Smutno sedlo. He asked us to pass them on to all the tourists. He would like to finally have peace and quiet in Roháče without helicopters and injuries.

Who jumps Roháče
Who jumps Roháče Sale price8 €

You may not know that...

The books Up there and On the back are part of a trilogy of mountain reportage books, where the first explores Tatra huts, the second mountain carriers and the third... Let's just say that we are working on it intensively and will publish it at the end of 2024.

All three books are produced with a premium canvas cover. Thanks to this, even with frequent browsing, they will not rub off and will stand out even better in your library, on the table. Or wherever you display them.

More than 5,000 satisfied customers and the Book of the Year 2022 award from Martinus are perhaps a sufficient guarantee that they will please the eye inside and out.