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Article: #27: Routine: A stereotype doesn't have to be bad

#27: Routine: A stereotype doesn't have to be bad

Much has been written about routine. No wonder, because routine - or the force of habit - helps us manage our daily duties. We invite you to dig through your habits with us and create a routine that will move you forward.

Why do we need a routine?

Routine is sometimes inflected as something bad or boring. We are very much looking forward to the fact that we can create our own routine in the Journal. Why?

Sometimes the mind is our worst enemy. We don't want to, we forget, sometimes our goals are accompanied by unpleasant tasks. But if we want to move closer to our ten-year vision, we have to work hard. One option is routine. It helps us regularly work on specific areas.

That's why in this exercise you will set a routine, i.e. repeated activities, thanks to which you will win the day. Or the whole year.

Get inspired: Ivan shared his routine

Morning routine:

  • Get up by 6:00 a.m. after 7 hours of sleep
  • Rinse your face and drink a glass of water (2 min)
  • Prepare green Pu-Erh (3min)
  • Prayer and gratitude (5 min)
  • Daily plan and journaling - if you need to release emotions (5 min)
  • Headspace (10 min)
  • Stretching, 7 Minute Workout and shower (20 min)
  • Preparing breakfast and listening to a podcast (15 min)
  • Shared breakfast with wife (20 min)
  • Walk to work and podcasts (30 min)

Evening routine:

  • Store all electronic devices in another room (1 min)
  • Close the day in the Journal (2 min)
  • Evening hygiene (6 min)
  • Preparing a glass of water (1 min)
  • Reading a book until I fall asleep (1 min - 60 min)

Weekly routine:

  • Saturday cleaning of the apartment, watering of flowers
  • Inbox zero - not a single unresolved email
  • PC cleaning - clean desktop, clean bookmarks
  • Toggl - tracking hours worked on projects
  • Synchronization of online calendars with Journal - Facebook, Google Cal

Monthly routine:

  • - unsubscribe from all unnecessary newsletters
  • Distribution of expenses into categories - report in Google Sheets
  • Check Toggl clock - nothing missing?
  • Issuance of invoices
  • Read / Discard - I either read or throw away everything I didn't have time to read

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