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Article: How to "correctly" print the Journal?

Ako „správne“ vypisovať Žurnál?

How to "correctly" print the Journal?

At the outset, we would like to point out that there is no right or wrong way of writing the Journal. It's yours, so it's up to you which side you take it from.

Neatly written, supplemented with own lines, tables, drawings or full of "medical" scribbles (hopefully the doctors will forgive :) ). It is entirely up to you, which method of taking notes you choose.

In the beginning, we suggest a possible way of categorizing notes:

We recommend that you write down practically everything that awaits you in your diary. It will significantly relieve the mental pressure that is exerted on your mind. Likewise, categorize your thoughts and tasks. You can be inspired by our instructions, but you can easily come up with your own system for recording your days and plans.

You might be attracted to the system of tiny pictograms or empty (task) and filled squares (task accomplished). Or you will be a minimalist and mark tasks with a simple dot or dash. I am one of the more pragmatic people when it comes to writing, judge for yourself:


But I know admirably gifted people who can memorize a lecture through drawings and, based on them, remember its content even six months from now. Well, as the ancient wisdom says "there's no arguing against taste"...

PS: We recommend that you also familiarize yourself with the Bullet Journal method, which is becoming more and more popular with many people.

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