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Article: My health

Moje zdravie

My health

We only have one health, so we should protect it. First of all, congratulations, because if you are reading these lines, it means that you are not indifferent to your physical condition.

The first, but all the more important, step at the beginning of the journey to your goals is realizing how you are doing.

On the double page in Športovec "My health" you can assess your current state step by step.



What sports activities do you do?

How is your physical condition?

Do you have a sedentary job? Are you compensating for your frequent 'sitting'? How?

Do you have any exercise equipment at home? How often do you use them, or how many centimeters of dust will need to be wiped from them before using them? :)

How many days a week do you do sports?

How's your cholesterol?

What about blood pressure?

When was the last time you had a regular medical check-up?


What does your typical diet look like? Are there any gaps?

How many liters of water do you drink a day?

What type of water do you drink most often? (sweetened drinks, mineral water, ...)

do you have breakfast

How many courses do you indulge in a day?

Do you monitor the nutritional value of the food you buy?

How often do you stave off hunger with food from the microwave?

What role do fruits and vegetables play in your diet?

What do the portions of food look like on your plate? Are you overeating?

Are you eating a nutritionally balanced diet?


Use the inner circle to mark the lowest satisfaction (0) and the outer circle to mark the highest (5). Add your own areas or sports activities that you consider important to the free spaces.

It can be anything that you consider important and has an impact on how you feel.

You can include there your satisfaction with how often you move or consume enough vegetables, take in enough fluids, how you sleep, or how well you are doing in running, in hills on a bicycle, or mark your satisfaction with your performance in push-ups on the bar or push-ups .

Topping up is up to you.

TIP: See how you evaluated how you feel/how you eat on the next page. Choose the areas in which you have gaps that you want to improve and include them in your 'circle of satisfaction'.


Finally, we recommend taking note of your body measurements.

You will find the same box at the end of Športovec, where you will also be able to numerically compare how you managed to move.

However, do not forget that body measurements are not everything, and especially weight is often very misleading.

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