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Article: Picture book


Picture book

When learning a foreign language, one of the key components is learning new words.

We listen to them in movies, personal conversations, read them in textbooks, books, and articles. Some of us write these words in our own dictionary, and most of us never use this dictionary :D ... because we simply already know the words.

However, this does not mean that there is no point in writing them down in the little dictionary. If we write down these words slowly - consciously - we increase the probability that we will remember them when we need them.

You can read more about this phenomenon in the articles Visual thinking and Marking book .

A similar principle applies to your picture book. Whether your goal is to learn more effectively, to give your head space to release all creative ideas, or to effectively facilitate a work meeting - visualizing this information and processes will make things better.

Well, visualizations also include pictures, which are best "learned" by drawing them.

The advantage of the Picture Book compared to a classic dictionary of a foreign language is that only you define what each picture / word means. You can even change the meanings of individual images at any time.

Thanks to this, the laptop representing your home office can very easily become a symbol of spending time with your family, which is on the opposite side of the country.

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In your Sketchbook, you will create your own Picture Book step by step. It is possible that after creating a mind map and then sorting the concepts into five categories, you will not be able to find a suitable image representing your concept.

Try the opposite. Draw, for example, a notebook in the middle of the paper according to the template above. Then - similar to the mind map - write around the image all the terms that you associate with the image.

Voilà, you have defined and drawn a picture for all the terms written around it.

You define the meaning of the picture... ;)

... and it is more than welcome to add this meaning to the image even in your sketch or visual facilitation.

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