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Article: Arm yourself

Obrň sa

Arm yourself

We are not the only ones, but we are all different

Each person has their own equipment that helps them manage stressful situations. These are methods that are specific and individual, what works for your friend may not work for you and vice versa.

It's so good, and that's why it's good to know your own capacities without comparing yourself to others. As we are social creatures, we need to have people around us, especially in times when we are not the easiest.

Maybe they are specific people whom you consider to be your circle of support . For example, your friend with whom you like to go for beer or football. Or a friend with whom you can spend hours of time (and money) in a favorite cafe. Having such people is definitely priceless.

Tell yourself what you need

Being surrounded by friends and having a quality source of support are somewhat different things. To understand each other. You may be familiar with statements like "don't take it for granted!", "but please, there are worse things!", "don't exaggerate!", "pick yourself up!", "having your problems...", "what doesn't kill you, does will strengthen you" and so on.

In a more psychologically demanding experience, it can harden it in discomfort. As we are all different, there will certainly be those who are comfortable with such a strategy and it will be enough, at least to realize what is at stake here. But if the surroundings trivialize your experience, it is something to consider.

In Pohoďák, you have space to write who or what is real support for you, or what you would expect from support. Naming what you actually need is the first step in first aid for your psyche in a difficult moment.

Asking for help is not taboo

Support does not have to be only emotional, such as a big hug from a loved one or a pat on the back. If you struggle with something for a long time and it considerably lowers the quality of your life , it is completely natural to look for the possibilities of professional help .

It is similar to a broken leg, which not only hurts, but also limits movement and functioning. You would certainly not be surprised by a person who visits a doctor and takes his advice and treatment. You can't see the psyche, but it can just as well (and sometimes even more) trouble you and limit your functioning.

Fortunately, there are experts who are here just for her, for you. You simply don't have to be alone for anything. Sometimes you don't come across a quality expert the first time, it's natural not to sit down with everyone, don't let that discourage you from looking for other options. Deciding to ask for help can be stressful in itself, but in this case, overcoming the fear is the most important thing.

Trying to eliminate stress can often lead to avoiding stressful situations or compensating for unpleasant feelings with one of the learned strategies. If it belongs to the healthy ones, then invest in it, if you find yourself in an unhealthy way of chasing stress, consider the consequences. Then try to choose what is more useful to reach for next time, for the benefit of yourself and your long-term sustainable well-being.

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