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Article: #3 December notes

#3 Decembrov├ę z├ípisky

#3 December notes

It's the last Monday of the month again.

Today is all the more special because it is the very last one in 2020.

A year that brought a lot of unexpected things.

A year when several of us had to reassess our annual goals for understandable reasons. ­čŽá­čśĚ

It was also groundbreaking for us.

Therefore, in these notes, we will reflect on the whole year, learn lessons, and at the same time reveal our plans for the new year.


1) New identity. The same values.

It will come as no surprise that the new identity of madeby the will be at the forefront of our memories this year :

We already knew in January that the old name was limiting.

That's why we spent hundreds of hours creating our new self.

We know he may not have been a good fit for everyone, and he may not be perfect.

But we know that it is ours and that it gives us many more options.

2) 7 Journals and 4 new Exercise Books

It wouldn't be a proper year if we didn't also present improved editions of Journals.

Half-yearly, Undated, Imaginary, Schoolboy, Yearbook.

In addition, we have added a novelty to them in the form of Journal: Exercise book.

We have selected 4 life areas in which the exercise books go more in-depth.

Experiments are fun for us, that's why we printed 300 copies of each exercise book.

The last pieces after less than 2 months fill us with the feeling that we have created something valuable.

3) 7 sold out Poustrov collections

This year, we fully embarked on the project of honest Slovak posters, Poustrov.

We have brought you a total of 28 Poustrov and with them several stories of impressive valleys, peaks and iconic Tatra chalets.

At the end of the year, we also added a small surprise in the form of a new edition of Poustr: Routes.

What pleases us the most is that, thanks to you, we collected ÔéČ19,400 for We are the forest, LZ Vlk, OZ Pre dolina, OZ Nosi─Źsk├Ż dom, Slovak Tourist Club and the Duha Movement.

We are already planning new collections and stories of places worth discovering.

And one more big project together with Hikemates. Read on.

4) New collaborations

This year, we joined forces with several personalities, organizations, or companies that are close to us in value.

We created the new Cvi─Źebnice with Kamil Aujesk├Ż, Margaret Starka and Simona Kozerawski.

Together with our friends from Hikemates, we brought you new collections of Poustrov.

We transferred the designs from Poustrov to the limits of the mountain Fusakl├ş.

We were also pleased with the cooperation with our favorite bookstore Martinus and the Pressink studio, which gave birth to the new book Poustra.

Each collaboration has taught us a lot of new things, so we want to thank everyone!

2020 was a challenging year.

We were sorry that we could not meet you in person, with the exception of the December markets.

At the same time, we went through several changes.

We changed the main supplier in the production of Journals, or even changed the warehouse twice and canceled some courier companies.

We admit that we did not avoid several mistakes.

However, what constantly drives us forward is the desire to contribute to change.

Personal, community and finally social.

The year 2020 taught us that if we turn to our values ÔÇőÔÇőeven in difficult moments, we can get closer to our vision.


In recent weeks, we started to think more intensively about the plan for the new year.

In October, it will be exactly 5 years since we created the first Journal. And that definitely calls for a new special version.

We are also preparing new Exercise Books, which will cover other areas of life or professions.

Poustra make you very happy and contribute to a good cause. Therefore, we will continue with the mountain collections and with the new edition of routes.

And last but not least, we are preparing a joint project with our friends from Hikemates, which we will present with a campaign in March.

At this point, I would hate to list the entire list of ideas that I hope will change your perspective.

Follow our Facebook group and we will gradually reveal more.


Finally, I want to thank you for your trust in 2020.

I believe you have moved on again and learned new things that have made you a stronger person.

I wish you many wise decisions, joy and above all good health in the new year.

I think that health is a value that we have not fully appreciated until recently.

Let 2021 be a new challenge that we will overcome.

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