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Article: #4 January notes

#4 Januárové zápisky

#4 January notes

Today is the last Monday in January.

Time for the first notes in 2021.

This time, too, I will guide you through everything important for the past month.

And I will reveal some of our plans.


January means one thing for us every year - annual planning.

A two-day cycle of reports and brainstorming of everything important for the next 12 months (hopefully we'll get a haircut soon).

And what did we make up?

Traditionally, you can look forward to new editions of Journals or collections of Poustrov.

The new concept of Exercises has also proven itself for us.

Therefore, we want to focus more deeply on other areas of development.

In addition, we will "celebrate" 5 years in October, and that calls for something special ;)

We have big plans, but we definitely don't want to blow it.

The most important priority for us is to constantly create according to our values .

And with regard to "you", the community that wants to change the point of view.


Meetings of Journalists

We have been thinking for a long time about how to help "you" even more with the Journal method.

The tutorials and ongoing tips in our group are definitely beneficial.
But they don't create much space for your sharing.

Veronika, our faithful Journalist, came to us with similar thinking.

Veronika and I put our heads together.

And they prepared the first meetings of Journalists, a space for joint sharing and inspiration.

We created two groups to test the idea.

The relaxed atmosphere and a lot of practical tips are proof that we are on the right path.


And in the January notes, I bring you a selection of everything that caught our attention:

🎙 Podcast: Brené Brown & Simon Sinek on Developing an Infinite Mindset

📰 Article: A Brain Coach Reveals the Secret Sauce for Learning Faster

📚 Book: Greg McKeown - Essentialism

🎥 Film: Netflix: A pieces of a Woman

📱 App : from the creators of Basecamp


So we have planned the year 2021.

It is time to gradually implement all plans.

In February, you can look forward to a new, special collection of Poustrov.

We will return with her to our great mountains and their stories.

We will also please everyone who is waiting for a reprint of the sold-out Napadnik, Nedatevník and Pohoďák.

And we will throw in the new Smalťáky and the iconic Versatilky.

If you want to know about everything continuously, follow our group .


The first notes of this year are at the end.

Don't forget to let us know how you liked them.

If you have tips for books or podcasts, feel free to send them.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you with new challenges waiting for you!

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