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Article: #2 November notes

#2 Novembrové zápisky

#2 November notes

It's the last Monday of the month again.

You know what it means?

It's time for our monthly notes.

First of all, thank you for the many positive messages, as well as ideas for improvement.



We have incorporated several, so we are here with new, fresh notes.




It all started with our summer survey.

We found that up to 70% of you would appreciate new Journals focused on specific areas of life.

That's why we recently introduced Journal: Exercises , helpers on a simpler way through life.

Creative, Relaxed, Businessman and Sportsman .

We created them together with experts who have many years of experience in the given fields.

You can use them separately or combine them with the Annual or Half-Yearly.

We believe that they will find a place in your life just like Žurnál.


We symbolically introduced the first of the Czechoslovak collection of Poustrov on October 28, the anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia.

For the unveiling of the remaining two Poustras, we chose another important day of our common history. Anniversary of the Gentle Revolution.

And especially the first Poustras printed in landscape.

Panoramas of the High Tatras and Bohemian Switzerland

Some views are simply a shame to narrow down :)


We create products that help people discover their potential and change their perspective. Of course, we do not create our own story.

We decided to bring a series of interviews with people who helped us create Journals, Poustrov or inspired us with their approach to life and business.

Check out the first two on our website Instagram TV .

What do you think about this format?
Who should we interview next?


Did you know that at each weekly meeting we share articles, podcasts, or books that caught our attention.

We decided to share them with you.

Here is November's selection:

🎙Podcast: Forbes Business podcast - Martin Vohánka (Eurowag)

🎥 A movie: Chicago Tribunal

PS: You can find the reasons for the selection in our Facebook group 😉


December is our favorite month.

Every year we have the opportunity to meet you at the Christmas design markets.

We are pleased that, despite the difficult times, the organizers of Urban Market and Dobré Trh managed to join forces and organize this year as well a series of markets in the Old Market Square.

Meet with us on the following dates (Wednesday - Friday):

  • 2 – 4.12
  • 16  18.12

Since half of our team lives in the Czech Republic for a long time, we decided to present ourselves at the Christmas party for the first time Design Markete in Prague (12 – 13.12 ).

In addition to the new Journals, Cvičebnics , we will also bring something Poustrová to each of the markets. We will not reveal more. Just come or send someone for you.


That's all for now.

Did you like the second newsletter?

What should not be missing in its next sequel?

Reply to this email and we may reward you for your help.

If you want to know about everything continuously, we recommend you to follow our group.

Thank you for being a member of the perspective-changing community.

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