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Article: Popular Slovak brands joined forces and created The Fusakle

The Fusakle

Popular Slovak brands joined forces and created The Fusakle

Slovakia has beautiful nature. But while walking in the mountains, a threatening sight appears. Missing forests. Reckless mining. Calamity.

It is possible that our children will only see preserved forests in photos. And that turns us on...

In October, we therefore presented the first collection of The Poustrov, which combines the skill of local designers and the beauty of our nature.

The result? We sold out almost all the collections and collected almost €4,000 for OZ We are the forest, which draws attention to significant deforestation of Slovak forests.

However, it did not end only with prints.

We joined forces with our favorite brand Fusakle to create The Fusakle.

Limited collection of national parks, with the most popular motifs of Mala Fatra, Slovak Paradise and High Tatras.

Together, we want to bring joy, inspire and remind what is unique about our home.

Even in this cooperation, we thought of the most important thing. Our forests.

From the sale of each box, we donate 4 euros to OZ We are the forest.

By purchasing The Fusaklí, everyone can participate in nature conservation in Slovakia.

After all, our nature cannot be stolen from us.

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