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Article: Half-yearly notes 2/2: What can you look forward to in the near future?

Polročné zápisky 2/2: Na čo sa môžeš tešiť v blízkej dobe?

Half-yearly notes 2/2: What can you look forward to in the near future?

Have you already read the first part of our special half-yearly notes?

We shared with you the most important milestones during the first half of the year. And today we want to reveal to you what you can look forward to in the coming weeks.


We can go for it. 😊

We are preparing the 15.0 edition of Journals in a new guise

After Exercises, Journals will soon follow. They will be much more ecological and you can also look forward to a fresh new design → not only on the outside, but also on the inside, for even better everyday use. ✍

We present the new Visionary Exercise Book

In cooperation with leading coaches, we are preparing a new Exercise Book that will further expand the Journal method and go deeper in key areas. It will be called the Visionary.

Reprint of the book Tam Hore and Czech translation 😱

Yes, we resisted it for a long time, but the number of reactions and emails we received from you convinced us that the untold stories of Tatra cottages deserve a 4th edition. And not only that! Our book bestseller will also travel to Czech bookstores.

Unification of the brand

We have noticed for some time that it is not always easy for you to navigate between the several brands that we mention.

" I have Journal written in my diary, but Juraj and Ivan from madebythe regularly write to me: ? And as if that wasn't enough, do they also mention Poustr posters, mountain-themed books and cozy Hikemates ?'

We understand. Sometimes it's too much for one person.

In recent months, we have been thinking so intensively about a kind of unification of (almost) everything we create under one brand.

We will inform you about everything. 😉


As you can see, we are not idle even during the summer holidays. We want to be ready for the most important time of the year. And above all to bring you great value, help and especially joy with our products.

The second part of the special two-part notes is at the end.

How did you like her?

We wish you another summer full of relaxation and experiences.

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