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Article: Special October-November notebooks: New edition of diaries, cozy and book novelty for mountain lovers

┼ápeci├ílne Okt├│brovo-novembrov├ę z├ípisky: Nov├í ed├şcia di├írov, ├║tulne i kni┼żn├í novinka pre milovn├şkov h├┤r

Special October-November notebooks: New edition of diaries, cozy and book novelty for mountain lovers

A lot has happened recently.

The final quarter is difficult in itself, and when unexpected complications and changes are added to it, diaries are bursting at the seams under the weight of responsibilities. ­čĄ»

That's why we're only bringing you the October notes now, connected to the ongoing November.

Well, we cared about them all the more.

Once again, we will share fresh news, inspiration and plans for the next few days with you. ­čöş

Sit by the fireplace, wrap yourself in a blanket and enjoy the latest autumn notes. ­čöąÔśĽ


We have presented the new edition of Journals 2023

Even the year 2023 cannot begin without new Journals of diaries .
Based on feedback, we went back to 90g paper to make the diaries easier to carry again.

Improvements also affected the method, which included, for example, the How are you? section, the monthly magazine, and texts about mental health.

For the first time, we are launching a subscription to the Journal , so you can now order half-years for both halves of the year, and we will deliver the version for the second half of 2023 for free next year. ­čśë

And for the first time, each category of Magazines got its own sleeve color. You can recognize your favorite piece in a store or in a photo from afar. ­čśŹ

Which diary will you start the new year with?

Get to know the new Journals and start 2023 to the fullest.

We opened two new shelters

So it was done. ­čÄë In October, we opened two of the new generation cozy houses to the public as part of the #Za┼żi├Ütulne project.

The first one, the cozy house of J├ín Krutek, rises in the middle of the Volovsk├ę vrchy, near the top of Klopt├í┼ł ( exact location ).

The cozy interior will provide comfort for almost 10 tourists, who will be warmed by the stove even in the coldest weather.
The second shelter, Sl├ívi─Źek, can be found on the Mur├ínsk├í plain, near the red highway - M├íria Sz├ęchy Road ( exact location ).
Huge thanks to the general partner SPP and of course everyone who supported the project #Za┼żi├Ütulne in any way. ­čÖĆ

We look forward to you trying it cozy after a good hike.

We have been solving problems with the warehouse

Business is not only about success. Sometimes there are also unpleasant complications, and in October we felt them especially strongly .

If you happened to miss these problems, the external warehouse we worked with (I am writing in the past tense on purpose) decided to automate the packaging line without properly informing us.

And we stopped receiving packages. Hundreds of your shipments were waiting in the queue to be packed, and in the warehouse they didn't answer our phones at all.

One of our values ÔÇőÔÇőis responsibility and transparency, and we also don't want you, the Journalists, to pay for it. So we left this partner as soon as possible and moved the stock to a new warehouse.

And they managed to store almost 25,000 products over the past weekends ( see how it looked ) so that the shipments leave like in the old days.

Thank you for your patience.
We launched a campaign for a new book

However, after the bad news, there was also a very pleasant one: My friends from Hikemates are publishing a new book.

This time about those who carry a little more on their backs - mountain carriers and carriers . ÔŤ░

But it won't happen without your help.

Support for the publication of the book On the back of Donio. In addition to the good feeling, you will also be rewarded with a special purple version with a phosphorescent canvas.
It will never appear in bookstores again. In addition, we will mention the names of all supporters at the end of the book.

This time we decided that tips deserve their own space. And that we like to be inspired by your tips.

You can find the latest ones in Friday's post in the Journalists group .
Don't forget to join the discussion, we're curious. ­čśë


Ebook about self-development

Do you also get invitations to webinars that will change your life from everywhere? Are you trying in vain to avoid self-proclaimed motivators who promise instant success? ­čôł

In the next week, we will present you a new ebook, in which you will learn why every coach does not deserve our attention and how to distinguish fake gurus from valuable ones that will really help you.

Market meetings

The end of the year is traditionally marked by design markets.

We are preparing for the Christmas Urban Market - Lounge in the Old Market and we are also looking forward to a "trip" to our neighbors in Prague for the Christmas Dyzajn market.

And Brno won't sit in the corner either - we'll see you at Le Markete and Mint Markete in the Zel┼ł├ík market square. Come and see us and sort out Christmas gifts on the following dates:
  • 3 - 4.12. Le Market, Zel┼ł├ík Brno
  • 7 - 9.12. Urban Market, Star├í Tr┼żnica Bratislava (Hikemates)
  • 10 - 11.12. Dyzajn Market, V├Żstavi┼íte Hole┼íovice Prague
  • 10 - 11.12. Mint Market, Zel┼ł├ík Brno
  • 14 - 16.12. Urban Market, Star├í Tr┼żnica Bratislava
  • 18 - 21.12. Urban Market, Star├í Tr┼żnica Bratislava
Looking forward to see you!
Special two-month notes are at the end.

Don't forget to let us know how you liked them.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you with the new challenges that await you at the end of the year.

Juraj and madeby the: team

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