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Ethical sourcing

For us, ethical sourcing is an absolute necessity for all our products. It's something we've been doing subconsciously without even knowing it's a buzzword.

Until our friend Pavel from OwenStitch came up with it and from his wallet we fell on our ass. It was he who brought this topic closer to us and was at our first official audit in production. We publish this text with its selection.

What exactly is it?

Ethical sourcing is a sustainable approach to production processes, obtaining materials and their transportation. It is the authentic connection of the madebythe team: with manufacturers, printers and suppliers. This allows us to create ethical products based on radical transparency.

One of our core values ​​is to make products that are useful and bring joy. The concept of "best product" defines a functional, durable, simple, authentic and thoroughly tested product that provides added value without causing unnecessary damage.

madebythe: ethical sourcing, ethical production

What if we have doubts? We won't make it.

Our product philosophy is straightforward, but helps focus on simplicity and end use. This makes madebythe products: identifiable. In other words - if you remove our logo, you will still recognize that it is our product.

We push the boundaries

There are diary brands that sell consumer products for 2 euros, but at least they don't mislead anyone that they care about the environment.

There are also those that look ecological, but in order to save costs, they move production halfway around the world. And they put the EKO brand on the packaging.

And then there are brands that push the boundaries of production and logistics. They think about what impacts the product has within the life cycle, what carbon footprint it will create. They are innovators. Social entrepreneurs. And they do not hesitate to pay extra for production.

We know that our place is in the last category. And now you know it too.

We are aware of environmental responsibility

Nature is the greatest source of inspiration for us. It is also where we source our materials and where the impact of consumption is most felt. No decision is taken lightly.

For each product, we will gradually introduce the: index of environmental responsibility, which evaluates the chemical composition of the material, functional properties, necessity and the amount used.

madebythe: ethical sourcing, ethical production, materials

We eliminate unnecessary stops

When transporting materials to the production site, we eliminate unnecessary stops and downtime. We always try to deal directly with the source material supplier and eliminate intermediaries. This allows us to influence the logistics plan to avoid air transport and share road transport costs with other companies. We are trying to reduce our carbon footprint.

We respect each other with suppliers

On the ethical sourcing journey, sometimes things don't go as planned and mistakes can happen on both sides. We work with our partners as one team, we trust and respect each other.

Respect goes hand in hand with our products. We listen patiently to our partners and are ready to go beyond what is expected to make the resulting solution sustainable.

At this point, we thank Pavlo and Robin once again for being our inspiration on this topic. Their processing of ethical sourcing is on another level and they really deserve you to give them a few minutes of your time.