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Get to know the story of the Journal

From cafe bums to 30,000 journalists

We are Ivan and Zambo

Best friends who met while studying in Brno and knew they wanted something more from life.
We went into business without knowing we were in business.
We just wanted to help friends who had a problem with time management.
And it somehow got out of control..

Do you want a longer story?

Well then.

The magazine was created as a project of friends, where in addition to us, the designer Matej and Ivan's wife Monika also featured.

Well, it all started with Zambo and I not seeing each other for a whole year, during which I had just finished my studies in England and Zambo was interning at the American branch of ESET.

I had high expectations for the coffee at SKOG in Brno.

We knew we wanted to create a diary that, instead of a boring introduction, offers a section that helps the user set a personal vision.

A product that will be so minimalistic that its owners will not be disturbed by any explanations, pictures and hackneyed motivational quotes.

Eshop, where quality is not skimped from the beginning and which focuses not only on the notebook itself, but also quality accessories.

But at the meeting we should have set the rules for working together.

Therefore, it is natural that I approached it with several concerns:

  • What if it changes us both so much that we don't understand each other?
  • What if the Journal method only works for us?
  • What if our idea is a flop?
  • What if we stop having fun?
  • What if it doesn't work out financially?

When we introduced the first diary, it was as thick as a Bible and we didn't sell a single piece of it.

We knew only the basics about product design and made the first mockups on paper in a rented office.

After more than 7 years, our fears have not come true

Zambo and I are still pulling it together.
The magazine has already helped more than 30,000 people.
Our method has a 97% satisfaction rate.
And we still enjoy it just as much.

Only the last point is catching up with us so far.

Doing it honestly, slowly and locally takes its toll.

It is this, the seventh year of business, that we should turn to green numbers for the first time.

And to prove to ourselves and our supporting families that it can be a sustainable business.

Thank you for supporting us in this.

Ivan and Zambo