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Article: My future self

My future self

In our search for a meaningful existence, we often face deep questions about what our purpose in life is. Although great achievements and career ambitions have their own charm, we find true fulfillment in everyday living according to who we are and in fully developing our abilities.

This simple exercise will help you connect with your inner self and open up to the possibilities that await you in the future. You will gradually create a new image of who you want to be.

How does this exercise work?

Sit in a place where you feel pleasant and comfortable. If you prefer audio support, you can listen to the recording on Spotify:


Or read her literal description:

You are standing in the middle of a large circle of people gathered around the stage. You stand on that stage - your future self.

You start addressing the crowd and suddenly realize how profound an effect you have on the people around you. Your words change not only you, but also everyone present.

You now have 30 seconds, during which you can influence the lives of everyone present. You only have one chance, one moment, but you will change their lives - each of them will start living differently thanks to what you will bequeath to them now. Thirty seconds. You count: 15...10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

After completing the exercise, give yourself time to think and let your intuition guide you. You might be surprised where it takes you. After the exercise, return to your Visionary and think about two key questions to ask yourself.

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