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Article: Are you thinking about therapy or coaching? Here are some tips to get you started

Premýšľaš nad terapiou alebo koučingom? Tu je pár rád ako začať

Are you thinking about therapy or coaching? Here are some tips to get you started

How many of you see a therapist?
I do.
Until recently, I told myself that I wasn't dealing with deep problems and that I didn't need therapy. But when my therapist and I brought up the topic of stress, it was a hit in the dark.
I realized that if I didn't do something about it, the symptoms of chronic stress would catch up with me. Heart problems, anxiety, disturbed sleep.
It's better after a few months. I know in what situations it occurs. I can recognize when the symptoms are getting worse. And I also know how to get calm.
So my advice is, "Don't take it lightly. It's not cool to be under constant stress. There is help. It's no longer taboo to see a therapist."

Where to start?

If you are looking for one-time support, you can find it here:

  • Online support of the internet consultation IP address - Helpline originally for suicidal thoughts, currently covering counseling for young people in all directions. They will definitely be happy to listen to you and point you in the right direction

  • One-time support of the Nezabudka confidence lines e-mail consultation

  • Facebook groups and pages where you can find resources, ask questions or find a therapist like Vysmiata Duša Mamy or Looking for a Psychologist / Psychotherapist

If you are thinking about a longer-term solution, coaching or therapy may be the answer for you.

Coaching is focused on the present and the future, on the search for resources and solutions for the future. He does not dwell on the past. The coach does not advise or give solutions, he supports the development of the client's potential.

Therapy focuses on solving deeper problems and events in life. It focuses on the past and the present. The therapist uses expert therapeutic skills for healing and understanding.

  • Slovak Institute for Psychotraumatology 
  • Online sessions with a psychologist on the K Sebe platform
  • Hedepy - originally a Czech startup that will help you with a rather cool questionnaire to choose the right therapist. Sessions can also take place online, and they also won't eat up your entire paycheck.
  • Do not panic - a similar service operating in the Czech Republic, where they will also connect you directly to the necessary therapist
  • You can find or contact the nearest psychotherapist in your area via the following link - by clicking on the Slovak Psychotherapeutic Society and the list of SPS psychotherapists. There you will find providers of individual psychological help registered in the list of psychotherapists of the Slovak Republic.

If you are still procrastinating on seeing a therapist, first try to fill out the Pohoďák exercise book, which will help you to be mentally well.

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