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Article: What is the Notion?

Čo je to ten Notion?

What is the Notion?

We have such animosity here in the community.

Everyone gradually stops using Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, Trello
or Evernote.

And they switch to Notion .

Why is it like that?

Notion is the best app for online notes and task organization
as we know.


It's like combining Google Docs and Google Sheets with Evernote and squaring them.

Simply the Swiss Army Knife of productivity.

In it, for example, Ivan has everything from project items to personal notes, notes from books to recipes.

What is its advantage?

Hundreds of preset templates offer you almost unlimited possibilities.

All you have to do is register for free via a browser or download the application to your computer or mobile phone.

On the new page, type / or + and immerse yourself in the world of Notion.

The Journal is already in it

Since we really liked this user environment, we started looking for a way to apply our years-proven Journal method to it.

And so the Journal template was created in Notion .

Find out how it works and enjoy scheduling with the Journal method synchronized across all devices.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you with all the plans and reflections that await you with the Journal in Notion.

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