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Article: #02: Decade: Do you already know what you want to achieve?


#02: Decade: Do you already know what you want to achieve?

This exercise can move you forward the most. It is important that you create enough time for it. Today you will realize where specifically, but really very specifically, you want to be in 10 years.

I know who I am - I know what I want

The first exercise in the Journal helped you find out where you currently are in life. While you are. Read your findings. Find a quiet and comfortable place, prepare a cup of tea or a glass of wine and start today's exercise.

Imagine yourself in 10 years. And you will receive a letter from your 10 years younger self - that is, today's self. Describe in the letter how you imagine your ideal day. The questions in the Journal can help you in this, but they should not limit you. You can jump between them or choose not to answer any of them. Don't be afraid to dream big, but don't go all out. Your dream should be feasible within the given time.

You may be thinking why it is important to name exactly where you want to get to in such a long time. The reason is simple. If you think about it now when planning your daily activities, you can't miss the target. Otherwise, it could happen that in 5 years you find out that you spent the whole time doing things that did not move you towards your dream self at all.

When I grow up I want to be like...

Do you want to run a business like Elon Musk, take care of your family like your father or mother? Do you want to enjoy life like your little niece or take care of your health like your yogi friend?

Do you have people around you who are your role models? Do you read books or watch videos of successful people you want to be like? If you need extra inspiration when writing out the Decade, you can choose an example worth following for each of the 6 areas of life.

For each of the areas, write the name of one person and 5 characteristics, habits or achieved results that inspire you in that area and you would like to achieve them as well.

And a few more technical tips at the end...

Can you find some crayons at home?

Can you already imagine your ideal day 10 years from now? Do you know how you look, how you dress, who you live with and what you do? In order to get your bearings in the text faster when working on other exercises in the Journal, choose one color of crayon or marker for each area of ​​life. Mark everything related to it in the text with the chosen color. You can quickly find, for example, blue places that say something about health or green places that reveal more about work goals.

At the same time, colored places will help you to recognize whether you planned evenly in all areas and did not forget, for example, joy or self-development.

Do you fill out the Ten Year Book regularly?

If you are a fan of digital tools, have an exercise journal in your little finger and fill in your long-term plans regularly, we have a great tip for you! Copy your Decade into the computer. Whether you choose Žurnál Online in PDF form, Žurnál in Notion or ordinary Word, the digital version will allow you to always have notes at hand. In addition, you don't have to write down all the details every year, just change the details that have changed in your goals and plans over the last year, and your freshest Decade is born!

How do you like this exercise? Do you use it in your Journal? Describe your experience in the Journalists group on Facebook .

You have completed ten years. What do you have to achieve in the first five years to fulfill your vision? See tips for planning the Five Year Anniversary .

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