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Article: #03: Five-year plan: How to start working on your vision?


#03: Five-year plan: How to start working on your vision?

A ten-year plan will help you clarify where you want to be in ten years. So that you can visualize your goals better, we have prepared a Five-Year Plan for you, in which you can answer the question:

What do I need to achieve in the first five years to fulfill my ten-year vision?

Go after your goal. Already today.

Thanks to this exercise , you will get closer to your long-term goals and it will be easier for you to think about them in short-term planning . Maybe 5 years still seems too long for you to know what exactly you want to achieve on the way to your big vision. However, do not forget that all great things require time . Going to college, changing careers, writing a book, starting a family, buying and furnishing your dream home, building a successful business... these are all plans that can't be rushed and certainly won't happen overnight. Therefore, decide now where you want to get to , because otherwise time will slip through your fingers.

Keep your life in balance

Focus especially on Health, Work, Joy, Relationships and Self-development and use the sixth, free category as well. The purpose of these categories is to keep your life in balance. Although for a very short period of time you may prioritize health, work or relationships, in the long term it is impossible to be successful and progress if one of these areas is not receiving the attention it deserves.

If you followed our tip and in the Decade you distinguished by color which of the 6 areas each goal touches, your work will be a little easier. Focus one by one on all the colored parts of your Decade and ask yourself " What do I have to do in the next 5 years to achieve this goal in 10 years?" Write the answer for each category.

Do you have high demands on yourself? Prioritize.

Do you also plan too many things? Do you always have at least 10 priorities that you "definitely" want to accomplish, but you often end up doing 2 or 3 of them?

There would be nothing wrong with that if they were the 2 or 3 most important priorities. But honestly, is it always like that for you? Doesn't it also happen to you that you subconsciously start doing something that is easier to accomplish, more convenient or takes a little less time? The most important priorities thus often remain unfulfilled.

That is why we have prepared the Five-Year Plan for you so that you can write only 5 clearly and concisely formulated goals for each area.

If you already see that you will have more than 5 goals, write them down on a piece of paper and prioritize them before writing them down in the bullet points.

  • Give priority to those goals that are in line with your values. If you stay true to yourself, you will enjoy your journey much more.
  • Give priority to those goals that will certainly serve to achieve your vision. Those you are not sure about, you can add half a year or not at all. It depends on you.
  • And the others? Feel free to leave it blank. You don't have to have 5 priorities in every area. Remember: If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.

Do you want to know if your goals are being met? Make it concrete.

When describing long-term goals, you must be specific enough. This is the only way you can later evaluate whether they have been fulfilled. So set all your goals in as much detail as possible.

Do you want to run a marathon? Where exactly? When? In what time?

Is your goal "to earn a lot of money and be famous"? How will you know in 5 years if it has come true? Try something like "I want to earn 50 EUR/hour and I want to be invited to podcasts focused on the topics I cover."

Do you want to travel a lot? To which countries? Do you want to travel also in connection with work or just in your free time? How many days a year do you want to have vacation?

Set goals that will allow you to be halfway to your dream future in 5 years. :)

Do you have questions about filling out the Five-Year Plan? Feel free to reach out to us and the user community in our Facebook group.

What can you do in the next six months or year to turn your goals into reality? See our tips for filling out Half-Yearly or Annually .

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