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Article: Stress



An important piece of information that sounds right at the beginning of Pohoďák is that stress is a natural part of life.

This message can have beneficial effects for you in itself. In general, being more informed reduces stress and anxiety, which is why we would like to contribute to your awareness package with the following facts about stress. It's a big topic, so we probably won't cover it all here, but the following articles will try to tell you more than you suspected so far.

What is stress?

You may have already heard that stress is a physiological reaction that manifests itself in your behavior and experience. Sweating, cold hands, pounding heart, shaky knees, catastrophic thoughts and so on. Through all these manifestations, the body signals to us its mobilization for fight or flight. Such a thing was useful for a person in the past, as he needed to catch something or "take his legs on his shoulders" before danger. In the context of today's times, we could talk about the third most common reaction, which is to remain silent. All this behavior is automatic and serves to protect life. However, if it becomes a norm in which you operate for a long time, it can have life-threatening consequences.

What is going on?

The fact that under stress your performance climbs above the limits takes its toll on the other control systems of your body. They turn it off at such moments, or go into debt that is irreversible. We are talking about the digestive system, which you can recognize by dry mouth, nausea or the urge to go to the toilet, etc.

Even more important is the immune system, which when weakened is much less able to fight against enemies such as viruses, bacteria or tumor cells. Last but not least, the reproductive system is affected, not only does your appetite go away, which means your decreased libido. If you are a woman, the production of hormones affects your menstrual cycle and aggravated PMS, which you do not want.

What about that?

Stressful situations require a lot of energy, which is why you may feel exhausted after them or experience other discomfort that will disappear after time. Long-term stress, which can develop into a chronic one, has an unfavorable prognosis for your body, psyche and social relationships. It is behind a number of physical and psychological illnesses, which are often irreversible.

And so while acute stress can be a good friend to you, when it becomes your master, it becomes dangerous . Therefore, take it as a useful signal that lets you know that something is going on, but always take care of how you can prevent it. Let the other parts of Pohoďák help you with this, which will reveal many effective tips for prevention and maintaining mental well-being.

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