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Article: Get organized

Zorganizuj sa

Get organized

Congratulations! By reaching for this guide, you are probably one of those people who like things to be well organized in their lives.


You may have been surprised that as part of getting organized in Pohoďák, attention is first paid to eliminating what tends to distract you. Namely, the point is that you can have the most well-thought-out plan or perfect time management, as long as you don't watch out for potential distractions, you can easily create a path of stress from not being able to keep up or not concentrating. As we already said when armouring, prevention is the best way to a comfortable life.

Out of the illusion of efficiency

Being busy can often give you a sense of efficiency, but it's just a well-disguised illusion. Let's face it, sometimes after an exhausting day, we can't say coherently what exactly we actually managed to do or finish. Trying to do the most can force you to shift your attention from one activity to another. We can talk about the fact that multitasking does not exist next time. Now it is important for you to evaluate your own functioning and handling of your time and energy.

Time is constantly passing. It cannot be saved, it can simply be spent, wisely or... And how you invest it is entirely in your hands. You own time, even all that exists. Of course, it is tempting to cram as much as possible into one moment, but only experience will convince you that it can be a very wasteful matter.

You can recognize it, for example, by reduced performance, high fatigue, nervousness or frequent headaches. Your control center, this honor belongs to the brain, knows its possibilities very well and despite the fact that it can control an incredible number of matters, being overwhelmed by stimuli does not do it particularly well.

Research has revealed the surprising fact that when attention is disengaged, it takes the brain 10-15 minutes to return to its original activity. You can remember this the next time you pick up the phone three times in half an hour while doing important work.

Everyone has to evaluate their unhealthy tendencies and habits. Let's look at what is their opposition, and thus a reasonable alternative that can say goodbye to unnecessary stress.

Think. Plan. Rejoice.

When it comes to time management, everything starts with planning, which inevitably includes the To Do list. Someone cannot imagine the beginning of the day or week without it. It is the first and unmistakably key thing to relieve your head of unnecessary responsibility. Putting a list of tasks, responsibilities and importance of the day on paper will literally lighten your brain and also guarantee that you will avoid forgetting something important.

I think the Journal has already taught you that pen and paper are not old school at all, and we recommend all ten of you to be faithful to them when creating To do listov. Of course, there are also great applications, you can reach for what suits you and the investment of time devoted to planning will be a profit for you. Just 5 minutes of planning will save an hour of time that you can devote to one of your value areas.

What matters.

Values ​​and life vision reveal to us that life is not about fulfilling It to the letter and stressed chasing after goals. That's why, even when planning, you need to have an imaginary "why" in front of you, with which you do individual things. Your work feeds you, but it shouldn't rob you of your life .

Prioritize what is essential and pay attention to what is urgent first. Not everything that is essential is urgent and not everything that is urgent is essential. And here we come back to distractions that may seem urgent (messages chirping, app notifications, live streams, etc.) but are often inconsequential.

Decide to name and eliminate your distractions and I guarantee that your effectiveness will increase. Last but not least, accept that there is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important things.

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