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Article: Where to meet hundreds of other Journalists?

Kde stretnúť stovky ďalších Žurnálistov?

Where to meet hundreds of other Journalists?

We have reduced the size of the classic paper version, you can find everything important in Žurnálik online . Yes, we know that paper is a great tool - that's why we created The Journal, which is a paper diary. However, not all content will fit into it. We are constantly improving the diary thanks to feedback from users, and the online version is simply practical, efficient and ecological.

One of the things that we are sure the Journal will bring to your life is a better ability to manage your time. Thanks to it, you will experience less stress and perform better at school, work or at home.

We want to build a community together with you

Thanks to the online world, we can provide you with content that will help you even more. Real photos from users of the Journal or educational or motivational videos cannot (at least for now) be printed on recycled paper. :)

We want to be more active in the online world and bring you videos about our own experiences with the Journal or the experiences of other users. At the same time, this way we will provide space for the creation of an online community for YOU as well.

We have created a place where hundreds of Journal users meet .

Together, they will hear directly from us how we designed the diary and how to use it in a way that really improves their lives. Day by day, they improve in time management, experience more peace, get to know themselves and over time also learn to determine their own priorities.

Ultimately, they are little heroes who know where they are going in this crazy world and have it firmly in their hands. They can deal with unexpected situations and if not, they can communicate with each other and talk about their difficulties.

At the same time, these people are talking to us. They tell us what they miss in the Journal and, conversely, what they would never want to give up. They reveal their successes, propose changes that the four of us hadn't thought of, and happily share how they (creatively) fill out their Journal themselves. Well, isn't it beautiful? This place is called - quite aptly - Journalists .

What is the community of Journalists about

It's a Facebook group where you and others can discuss everything related to using the Journal: how you do it, what would like to change, what's good as it is . In addition, we can share extra tips there , which users often receive only after the Journal has been printed and sent, and we cannot change anything after six months.

So what are you waiting for? Join now.

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