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Article: 7+1 original tips for summer relaxation

7+1 originálnych tipov na letný oddych

7+1 original tips for summer relaxation

Summer is finally here and you are definitely looking for activities where you can switch off and recharge your batteries.

We bring you 7 tips for activities where you will not only have a great rest, but also discover a lot of new things and develop healthily. After all, this cannot be ruled out with rest.

Discover Slovak mountains

Our picturesque landscape hides many natural beauties that are quietly waiting for you to discover them. Don't be satisfied only with the High Tatras - there are also Nízke, Malá Fatra, Veľká Fatra, Slovak Paradise and many other beautiful areas waiting for you. Not only will you have a great rest, but you will also strengthen your body and expand your geographical horizons. Discover the most beautiful places on the tourist portal Hikemates .

Try yoga

The big trend of recent years - yoga. Well, it really has something to it. You clear your mind and stretch your body. What more could you wish for... After a year full of responsibilities, yoga is the perfect way to slow down and regenerate stiff muscles.

If you are starting from scratch, the well-known Sun Salutation set can be a great start, thanks to which you stretch your whole body and relax pleasantly. Videos from Hyc yoga , where instructors show the most basic positions step by step, can also be helpful. For inspiration, we also recommend the @gabciska Instagram profile.


In bookstores or on Instagram, there are certainly a lot of tempting books regularly playing on your emotions, but where do you find the time for all that? In the summer, there is a little more of it, so you can safely start catching up.

And which title to start with? You can look, for example, at , where we have selected the best pieces for you that will help you with healthy self-development. If you want to go even deeper with the development, take a look at our bookstore Brot Books Deli , where you will find a curated selection of world non-fiction books and magazines for real book connoisseurs. If you are more of a fan of fiction, you can find a wide selection of great books for the summer in Martinus or Artfor .


Help is always needed. And at this time even more. If you need to exchange months behind the computer for a completely different activity and use the summer really beneficially, try volunteering.

It is up to you whether you decide to help people from Ukraine, the disabled, the environment or cultural monuments. You will undoubtedly return to work with a feeling that perfectly balances the occasional feelings of frustration or insignificance that we experience in it.

Travel for gastronomic experiences

Cafe or restaurant owners are often very creative people who really love what they do. They can surprise you with unique spaces combined with an original selection of drinks and food. And an unrepeatable experience is here.

If you are a real coffee connoisseur, try the European Coffee Trip portal, where you can discover hundreds of exceptional coffee shops sorted by city. If you are more of a lover of good food, we recommend the Instagram profile @cojebratislava for inspiration. By the way, if you prefer to consume with your ears, its author also creates a great Podgast .

We recommend combining visits to cafes or restaurants with one-day trips to nearby towns. You can also get to know many interesting corners this way, thanks to gastronomy.

Brush up your neglected hobby

Outside of days off, it's difficult - there's always a lot of work and there's simply no time or energy left for your hobbies.

Yes, you may say that you also enjoy work, but we rather imagine a real hobby as something where the result is not at all a question. You devote yourself to it without any pressure, you enjoy the process without making compromises and time is not a factor.

Is fishing your hidden passion? Do you forget the time at tennis? Or have you always enjoyed playing a musical instrument? Come back to it again or start learning something new. It's never too late.

Discover unconventional places

Tired of walking around places you've seen three hundred times on Instagram and are full of tourists every day? Discover lesser-known places, thanks to which you will expand your horizons by something you did not know before, and there is no danger of pushing through the crowds. For example, the Czech site Rare Places , Slovak Black Holes or the international Atlas Obscura will provide you with great inspiration.

Bonus tip: Keep notes about your flight

You will definitely experience a lot this summer. And so that you have the clearest possible memories of all those special moments, a great diversion is to make notes about your adventures. Years later, you can remember with a tear in your eye how good you were, or share detailed incidents with your children or grandchildren.

Notes can also take the form of reflection, which you can easily forget while enjoying the summer. What evoked the most intense feelings in you? Why? What would you do differently next summer?

No matter how you decide to fill your summer, we wish you that it is full of pleasant moments and exceptional experiences that will remain in your heart for a very long time.

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