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Article: #9 June notes

#9 Júnové zápisky

#9 June notes

We have the last Monday before the start of the summer holidays.

And that means our regular notes.

If you are enjoying sunny weather somewhere, I believe it will be a pleasant read.


1) A collection of Tatra cottages and a takeaway from Poustrov ⛰

When we introduced a year ago collection of Poustrov Tatra cottages , we knew that we would definitely return to it.

With new authors, views, plus chats we missed last year.

The cottages have gone through a difficult period over the past year.

That's why my friends from Hikemates and I dedicated it to them Poustra , which you can find directly at the cottages.

In addition to buying Poustra, you can also support them by visiting the cottage, just like we did on a small team trip.

Otherwise, we recommend steamed buns at Chata Plesnivec. ;)

2) Journal: Sketchbook ✍️

In May, we also added a new edition of Journal: Cvičebnic, which we created in cooperation with our friends from Open Game.

The sketchbook is a practical aid for everyone who wants to discover the power of visual thinking and sketchnoting.

Whether your goal is to streamline the minutes from work meetings, better understand difficult subjects, or facilitate workshops, Sketchbook will teach you how to translate complex concepts into simple illustrations.

3) New project, Brot Books Deli 🍞📚

We have had a dream since the first Journal. Own store.

We wanted to be closer to you. Our Journalist.

Design markets have always been great. But they were few.

After 6 months of preparations, we presented a new project.

A place to help the whole community flourish.

Brot Books Deli is a place where, in addition to our products, you will discover book titles and magazines that will enable you to grow healthily and create.

We look forward to welcoming you soon –

Also in the June notes, I bring you a selection of everything that caught our attention:

📚Book: Greg McKeown - Effortless
🎥 Movie: Operation Finale

In the next few days, we will introduce you to other Poustras from the collection of Tatra cottages.

We also prepared a whole collection of routes, where we tried a small experiment with printing, which resulted in a real specialty.

You can also look forward to the new Wanderer, a helper for every adventure.

In July, last but not least, we will open the doors of Brot.

You can find all the news gradually on our website Instagram a Facebook .

If you want to know information first hand, join our group .


The June notes are at the end.

Don't forget to let us know how you liked them.

If you have tips for books or podcasts, send them to us as a reply to this email.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you with new challenges waiting for you!

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