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Article: #8 May notes

#8 Májové zápisky

#8 May notes

I can't believe how this month flew by.

Maybe also because a lot happened.

That's why I bring you an overview of all the most important things in the May notes.

You know, our traditional newsletter with everything important for the last 30 days.

In addition, inspiration and news that you won't miss.


1) New Semester and Idea

Traditionally, May is the month when we present the new edition of Journals.

We could use a simple CTRL C + CTRL V to create versions with updated dates.

But one of our values ​​is to constantly learn and improve products based on your feedback.

That's why we introduced an improved version Semester II. half a year .

A novelty in the form of the smallest was added to it A dreamer for jotting down ideas as you go.

For all those who love paper as much as we do, we have prepared another novelty.

Do you know what happens if you combine the Half-Yearly with the Concealer and add the cult versatile and the Belt?

But still Journal: Package .

So that you have everything nicely organized.

2) Mordovacka: Everyday joys

When we created an online Mordovacka a year ago during the lockdown, dozens of you joined it. We knew right away that we wanted to continue it.

That's why this month we presented its offline version - Mordovačka

30 cards with unusual activities that will bring you daily joy and help you stay mentally well.

We have designed the activities in such a way that you can handle them on any day. Always one a day.

After all, when was the last time you walked barefoot on the grass?

3) Places for new tourist shelters

In May, we continued together with Hikemates in our cozy project.

After we selected the winning three studios, we also managed to select three locations where new hiding places for tourists can be created in the future.

One in the Small Carpathians, in the Muránska Planina National Park and in the Volovské vrchy.

At the same time, we sent rewards from the Startlab campaign to hundreds of contributors.

It was a logistical problem for us, as we did not expect such a big support.

And at this point it is appropriate to admit that we had to wait a long time for the packing cartons to safely deliver Poustra.

If you are interested in how the whole project continues, follow


Also in the May notes, I bring you a selection of everything that caught our attention:

📚Book: K. Nocun & P. ​​Lamberty: Falsified truth

🎙Podcast: Rumelier podcast

In May, we continued with the preparation of news that we will present shortly.

The tourist season is in full swing and that means new Poustrov collections.

A handy helper for every adventure will be added to them.

Finally, we will also please everyone who wants to develop visual thinking.

You can find all the news gradually on our Instagram and Facebook .

If you want to know information first hand, join our group .


The May notes are at the end.

Don't forget to let us know how you liked them.

If you have tips for books or podcasts, send them to us as a reply to this email.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you with new challenges waiting for you!

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