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Article: Be there: We are creating a new generation of tourist shelters

Buď pri tom: Tvoríme novú generáciu turistických útulní

Be there: We are creating a new generation of tourist shelters

"Hello. You guys really did well." came a familiar voice on the phone. Jakub Ptačin called.

Jakub needs no special introduction. In addition to being behind dozens of successful projects, he founded the Hikemates community together with Pať Pajt and his friends. Today it is already the largest section of the Club of Slovak Tourists.

However, after the initial praise, we heard that they at Hikemates also had a similar idea of ​​honest Slovak posters.

95% of companies would probably start a fierce competition at that moment. We chose a different approach.

Since we love the press and the guys at Hikemates enjoy exploring the mountains, it was only natural for us to join forces.

Although we "gave up" the part of the deserts that we share. But we got much more. A strong partner with whom we share a common mission and view on long-term sustainable projects.

We even added something more to Poustrov. QR links to tourist routes so that you can set off to discover new locations on your own (that is, at that time you could still cross the borders of the district).

Poustr: Veľký Choč, Chočské vrchy, madebythe:, honest Slovak poster

From take-out from Poustrov to new ideas

A few weeks passed and we decided to do something special.

We brought the entire collection of Tatra huts and carriers directly to the Tatra heights. So that those who complete the climb get the last pieces as a reward.

Poustr: Teryho chata, honest Slovak poster, hike, madebythe:, hikemates

During that time, we had enough space to think about new ideas. Where could we move our cooperation even further.

Let's help Slovak shelters and collect money for repairs and maintenance.

And what if we just built new shelters? Just like they have abroad.
For example, the architectural beauties in Slovenia. Those that will bring everyone a new experience of the mountains."

In Slovakia, we often build cozy houses without resources for the services of an architect. At the same time, high-quality architecture can not only impress people, beautify the environment in the lap of nature, but also save costs for the actual construction and maintenance.

It sounded very brave. After all, we also like to fly in our ideas from time to time. That's why we needed time for the whole idea to mature.

We want to bring the experience of Slovak shelters to a new level.

Weeks passed and we started collecting the necessary information. We contacted several architects. Self-government. And finally, the authors of the project of tourist shelters in the Giant Mountains.

We checked whether we can even think about building new shelters. After all, building in a protected area or national park is a long shot. Well, it worked.

Today we published an architectural challenge to get 3 quality designs for future cozy houses. We want to involve everyone, which is why we launched the Startlab campaign.

And in the second stage, we will build a shelter ourselves. Sparingly, with as little impact on the environment as possible.

As a sign of gratitude, we prepared several rewards and donated them to the campaign. A new collection of cult shelters, MiniPoustre, or Hikemates membership and kits. We also added something special. Sold out Pustre.

Be there and help us build a new generation of tourist shelters.

madebythe: we change the point of view, new tourist shelters, hikemates

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