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Article: What did June bring? Added Journal packages, books and Journals for companies

Čo priniesol Jún? Pribudli Žurnál balíky, knihy i Žurnály pre firmy

What did June bring? Added Journal packages, books and Journals for companies

The long-awaited summer is finally here. Time to forget everything related to work or school for a while and relax completely.

Or are there still tasks on your desk that you have to complete?

Even for us, summer does not mean complete "doing nothing" and in the coming weeks you can look forward to several news and a lot of valuable content.

But before that, we will share with you the most interesting things from the previous month.

Sit back and enjoy the June notes.


We have introduced Žurnál packages that will help you develop more comprehensively

A diary can help you with a lot of things, but if you want to focus on certain areas in more depth, it may not be enough for you.

That's why we created the so-called Journal packages, thanks to which you can buy all the necessary tools for development in a certain area all together, at a discounted price.

We have something for movement lovers , artistic souls , managers , project starters , stress fighters , but also people who want to get to know each other better and gain new strength after a number of challenging periods (pandemic, war...).

We started the production of personalized Journals for companies

We recently delivered 1,000 diaries specially adapted to the company's visual identity and culture for the employees of ČSOB bank.

And most recently, a whole separate page for companies was added to the Journal's website.

Journals are not great helpers just for their own use.

If you lead a team of people, diaries, notebooks or accessories can be a great tool to support THEIR efficiency, abilities and mental well-being. Alternatively, you can use Journals to thank special clients or partners.

We can easily deliver customized diaries and notebooks, printed pencils, but also pen erasers to your company.

You can read more about the benefits and possibilities of cooperation at .

We have listed a selection of books that will support you in developing your skills and mental health

Books are a wonderful way to get knowledge in a few hours that someone has been collecting for a lifetime.

And so we decided to share with you a selection of the best ones that will help you with healthy self-development in areas that are important to you.

Now you can find the Books section on the website, where you can choose exactly the one you need. Among them you will find, for example, the book Bullet Journal Method , which will introduce you to freedom and at the same time an effective system in writing through the eyes of the author of this method, which has become a world phenomenon.

If you want to see the books live, stop by the Brot Books Deli bookstore on Panenská in Bratislava, where you will find even more book tools for healthy self-development.


📚 Book: The School of Life - On Failure

🎥 Film: Wag the dog

🎙 Podcast: The EOS Leader

📱 App: Bloom: CBT Therapy & Self Care

📰 Article: Hundreds of Ways to Get S#!+ Done—and We Still Don't


Ebook about mental reset

In it, the author Simona Lučkaničová will introduce you to the CIA model, which is useful when a person accumulates a lot of daily tasks and begins to feel a loss of control, hopelessness or frustration. Before we present it to you, you can read, for example, our previous ebook on getting rid of distractions.

New batch of content

We are preparing a new series of content that will bring valuable and practical tips on how to not only better plan and take notes, but also how to maintain mental peace. You will be able to find everything on the Journal's Instagram , so don't forget to follow.


The June notes are at the end.

We believe that they made the beginning of summer more pleasant for you.

Whether you prefer a stay in the mountains or rather a lounger on the beach, we wish you a good rest and recharge your batteries for the coming months.

And of course, we keep our fingers crossed for you with the new challenges that await you in the new semester!

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