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Article: Reset yourself: How to rethink long-term plans

Zresetuj sa: Ako sa nad dlhodobými plánmi zamyslieť nanovo

Reset yourself: How to rethink long-term plans

Have you been feeling like the world has gone crazy lately?

The war is raging a few kilometers from our borders, the Internet is exploding under the onslaught of hoaxes, rude people or bots, and politicians have stopped taking off their coats because it doesn't really matter what color they are wearing.

Have almost all your plans changed from day to day in recent years?

We stayed locked in our homes, started remodeling apartments and growing vegetables on balconies. Once again, we had to find a way to our loved ones and ourselves.

Your Year or Half Year was also full of beautiful goals, but due to external circumstances you did not manage to even come close to them?

Vacations, activities and hobbies have been cancelled. They exchanged for other alternatives. Temporary or long-term. The daily routine was replaced by another. And then again. And then again.

It is precisely for these reasons that we have prepared a short and practical ebook for you called Reset.

In this ebook, we will introduce you to one of the theories that we deal with in our Reseťák exercise book, because we believe that it can be very helpful in finding yourself again.

Do you want to discover it and set long-term goals that will make sense?

Download our ebook Reset.

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