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Article: Join the Journalist community!

Pridaj sa do komunity Žurnálistov!

Join the Journalist community!

There are already over 1,000 of us in the group of journalists.

A thousand people are determined to work on themselves. Accept challenges and progress.

We really appreciate that we also have your trust. It is also for this reason that we decided to work on the group of journalists. We discussed, thought about what to do next with a group in which such a high potential is hidden.

And we agreed that we want to supply Journalists with regular content, thanks to which we can enrich ourselves together. We don't want it to be a group "from us for you" but to be about all of us, about Journalists. People who do things to the fullest. Are you going with us?

You can join here !

Since April, we have included a higher gear. We will add tips to make your day more efficient. We will start with the introduction of interesting personalities. Or the stories of you, Journalists.

We will reveal the challenges we are currently facing and we are equally looking forward to yours. I hope you will share them :)

We believe that together we can create a community full of inspiration.

So I ask one more time, are you going with us?

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