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Article: We are starting to write a new chapter. Only 24 hours left

Začíname písať novú kapitolu. Ostáva už len 24 hodín

We are starting to write a new chapter. Only 24 hours left

Today it will be a smaller memory :)

Our journey began on October 24, 2016 in the Skøg cafe in Brno. We wanted to create an honest product that would solve our own problems.

Well, we had no idea where it would lead us.

Fortunately, we had only 10 copies of the first version of the Journal produced. As usual, the first attempt is far from ideal. Well, we didn't give up. And after testing, we presented the first half-yearly edition in May 2017.

A year later, 4 new versions were added to it, including Ročník, Napadník and Nedatovník.

We subsequently expanded the product line with the new Creative, the first of the Exercises, which was still in the form of a diary at the time.


Enthusiasm for paper led us to new projects.

Poustre was born from a smaller experiment. Honest limited edition posters that help.

I still remember how you were the first to look at them with enthusiasm at the Good Market.

In the pandemic year, they were already in full swing. And thanks to your great support, we were able to contribute €40,000 to meaningful initiatives dedicated to nature protection.


We have reached another important milestone.

At that time, the magazine already helped 10,000 of you.

We had no idea what we would achieve together the following year.

First in March 2021, together with our friends from Hikemates, we presented the project of new tourist shelters, which was supported by more than 1,400 of you in the amount of €61,000. From the original intention of studying one new cozy house, there were suddenly a total of three. And to this day, they all stand and make tourists happy :)


They have opened the way for us to mountain themes and heritage that we can be rightly proud of in a warm and cozy way. We published our first book Tam Hore about iconic Tatra chalets.

Well, a year ago we mapped and published the stories of the last porters in Europe.


At that time, there were no longer 10,000 of you, but 30,000. 

Everything went like clockwork. Until the second half of 2022 arrived.

The change of logistics partner and subsequent process problems caused the entire distribution to slow down. We watched helplessly as the messages about delayed shipments increased in our inbox. In the end, even the prolonged delivery of materials for production took its toll.

We trimmed the team and made a fundamental decision. 

Until 2023, we stepped boldly, but slowly. We realized that it is slowness that can move us forward. That is also why we opened the Degrowth topic. And we talk transparently about all problems, challenges, but also joys.


And today we are here. A day before an important milestone.

Maybe grayer and maybe still naive. Confessing the same values.

And constantly committed to bringing you honest and sustainable products.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 24 October at 18:00, we will start writing a new chapter together. Be there and follow our website.

You deserve our big "Thank you" for being a part of the Story Journal 🙏

Juraj and the Journal team 


PS: Remember the most important moments from our seven-year anniversary :) Yes, that's the very first sample of the Journal 👇

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