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Article: A notebook without compromises at a more affordable price? Introducing the Notebook.

Zápisník bez kompromisov za dostupnejšiu cenu? Predstavujeme ti Zošit.

A notebook without compromises at a more affordable price? Introducing the Notebook.

Not everyone can put up with a leather case or the introductory method from The Schoolboy. Someone simply wants a nice and affordable notebook for daily notes and sketches.

We understand. However, we do not intend to compromise on honest materials.

So let me introduce you to the new addition to our product family - the Notebook - which will convince you:

👉 unrivaled paper that does not shine through and a pen or pencil glides over it like butter
👉 rounded corners that save you donkey ears
👉 a large number of pages
👉 local production and processing quality, which you simply cannot find with cheaper notebooks
👉 clean design
👉 lower price tag

If you already missed the method from Schoolboy, don't worry - we have prepared it for you either as a special insert or as a free download with every purchased Workbook.

Choose a striped, dotted or square version and start the school year really to the fullest.

Grab the new Notebook

We wish you that it is filled with valuable thoughts, great ideas and drawings that will bring you joy.

Juraj and Journalists

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