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I haven't used the journal for a while because my planning fell apart," we hear from many of you. We understand. The start of the global pandemic, the war in Ukraine or numerous earthquakes in personal or professional life certainly did not help. That's why Reseták is our answer. An exercise book that we have prepared together with psychologists to guide you through a difficult transformational change.

Delivery by courier within 48 hours or with personal collection at the Brot Books Deli bookstore

Reseťák Sale price10 €

Our vision for a more sustainable future

Products completely without plastics

Compared to the previous version, we dug up the material list from the ground up so that the Journal is 100% recyclable.

We chose the prestigious Savile Row paper, named after the iconic London street, as the packaging material.

It is created by upcycling textile materials and is a tribute to the craftsmanship that defines us.