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Article: Discover the 2023 edition of Journals

Objav edíciu Žurnálov na rok 2023

Discover the 2023 edition of Journals

So here it is again. The most anticipated day of the year for every Journalist. 🎉

We present to you the new edition of Journals for the year 2023 .

Again, you can count on honest production, traditional quality, but also several improvements based on feedback, as is our custom.


☑️ Diaries are thinner again and therefore easier to carry. After listening to the feedback, we are going back to 90g paper.

☑️ The one-page self-assessment in diaries with 6 areas has been replaced by the "How are you?" section, for which we will treat you to an extra page.

☑️ In the monthly reflection, Mesačník was added - space for regular reflection of 6 areas from the introduction.

☑️ The accompanying texts will remind you how important mental health is.

☑️ For the first time, each category of Journals received its own sleeve color. You can recognize your favorite piece in the store or in a photo from afar.

☑️ We are launching a subscription magazine for the first time. Once again, you can order Half-years for both halves of the year, and we will deliver the version for the 2nd half of 2023 for free next year.

☑️ Also new are advantageous two or three-packs of notebooks, with which you get a belt for free.

So how? Ready for further challenges with new Journals?

Discover the new edition

We keep our fingers crossed for you with all the plans, notes and anything else you fill your pages with.

Juraj and Journalists

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