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Article: 5 features of the Journal that you might be overlooking

5 vychytávok Žurnálu, ktoré možno prehliadaš

5 features of the Journal that you might be overlooking

You can often hear from us about the Žurnál method or the practical page layout that diaries are proud of. However, they also hide many inconspicuous gadgets that you may have missed until now.

If you often write down or want to have your thoughts and plans close at hand, you will definitely appreciate these five gadgets that the Journal offers. With their help, you can create a customized usage system. Discover them and use the Journal even more fully.

1) Pocket for small items

At the very end of the Journal you will find a practical paper stash for anything small that you want to always have close at hand. So you no longer have to store things in your bag or anywhere. It is up to you whether it will be cash, folded documents, notepads, tissues or a few candies. 🍬

Extra tip: Use the back pocket to create memorabilia from the period. When you go through older diaries over time, you will also discover objects in them that remind you even more of happy moments from the past

Journal - back pocket for small items

2) Rings in the daily overview

We originally invented them as a creative challenge to see if you could draw something different in the ring every day. But when there was a recent debate on this topic in the Journalist Facebook group, we were fascinated by how many other uses you found for the ring. 🤯

Someone notes their current mood, someone the weather, someone found a place in it for drawings of the highlight of the day, another for the number of hours worked. ⌚

Extra tip: At the end of each day, draw a simple ✔ in the circle if you managed to complete the most important tasks. If you want to further develop your visual thinking and creativity, we recommend another tool from our "workshop" - Sketchbook .

Journal - a circle for practicing creativity

3) Link to online tutorials

Do you need a little help filling it out? Do you want to get the most out of the method? In the beginning of the Journals you will find useful links that will connect you to our online guides . You can also find practical links on the opening pages of the months. Thanks to them, you can learn more about the two-day challenge, stress triggers or flexibility in planning. However, the use of links is, of course, entirely up to you - the diary works 100% offline. 😉

Extra tip: In addition to the online guide, you can also use the help of the aforementioned Journalist community with more than 2,200 members. If you're not in it yet, join us ;)

4) 2 laces for better organization

Did you notice that Journals have up to two tabs and even have a different color? This can be very useful for a diary. 📖 You can use the first to mark the current day of the year, while the second can be kept among useful notes that you need to return to often (e.g. list of services at work, monthly challenge, etc.).

Journal - laces for better organization

5) Insurance against loss

You don't need much, and you can easily forget your diary on the train or in the waiting room, for example. That's why we added a request for privacy right at the beginning and a practical "header" where you can write your address or contact. A serious finder will thus immediately know how to get the diary back to its owner. 📬


So what? Did you know about all the gadgets? Which ones are the most useful for you? Do you have your own? Write to us about them and maybe we'll send you a small trinket. Who knows :)

Good luck with your meaningful planning and writing.

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