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Article: 7 tips to make your summer better with planning

7 tipov, ako si vylep┼íi┼ą leto v─Ćaka pl├ínovaniu

7 tips to make your summer better with planning

Are you also wondering whether or not to plan during the summer?

It's perfectly okay to take a break from planning. A few weeks of maximum spontaneity sometimes come in handy.

But don't forget that planning is not there to limit you, but to help you . Thanks to it, you can enjoy the summer even more . ­čśŹ

How? Read our 7 tips.

#1 Who have you not seen for a long time?

Write down the people you want to see and call them. They will surely be pleased. Then plan a meeting together.

#2 Which events must not be missed?

Make a quick overview of summer festivals, concerts and other events that you want to experience and reserve time for them in your calendar. How do you get there? Who will you call with you?

#3 Where are you going on a trip?

Plan a trip to the beauty of nature or architecture with your family, boyfriend or friends. A checklist of things you mustn't forget can also help, or marking on the map which route your steps will take. has a good system for planning your own routes, for example. Don't forget to ask others what they would like to see. ­čśë

#4 What businesses do you visit?

Are you a coffee lover? Search for the most interesting cafes in the area you are going to visit and go on a "coffee trip". You can then mark your evaluations of individual cafes in your diary. You never know if you will ever return to that city. Alternatively, you can advise your friends next time. We leave the choice between verbal, point or star rating up to you. ­čÖé

We recommend the European Coffee Trip portal for the aforementioned discovery of the best coffee shops.

Do you enjoy good food more? Go explore the top rated restaurants. Again, you can write down where you liked it the most and where you liked it the least.

#5 What new thing will you try?

Do you want to experience something new, but there is no time for it during the year? Float the river, jump with a parachute, ride a horse... Write down everything your heart is yearning for, rank your wishes according to priority and write down the steps you need to take to make them come true. After all, you don't want it to remain only on paper. ­čÖé

#6 What hobby will you get better at?

Many times in our youth we enthusiastically devote ourselves to playing an instrument, visual arts or sports, but later there is somehow no time for it. Although it fulfills us, priorities are elsewhere. Use the summer to get back to what you lose track of time and get better at it. How about giving yourself a monthly challenge, when you devote at least 30-60 minutes to your hobby every day? The two-day rule can help you with this.

#7 Experiments in planning

Use the summer period to try new methods of organizing time and writing. You can help yourself in this way even in the next months, when there will be a little more responsibilities again. In addition to our beloved Journal method, you can also try the well-known GTD, Bullet Journal or Sketchnoting .

You can also experiment with form. Are you a fan of diaries? Try planning online in Notion or the Online PDF template . If, on the other hand, you only use online tools, try diary planning for a while.

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