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Article: Why do we fail so badly at estimating our time possibilities?

Prečo tak veľmi zlyhávame v odhadovaní svojich časových možností?

Why do we fail so badly at estimating our time possibilities?

If you give someone a huge pile of tasks and ask them to complete them this week, the answer will be clear: “Are you crazy? I have no chance to manage that." 🤯

But try telling him that you need him to do it within a week. But replace tomorrow with the date ONE YEAR AGO.

"Sure, no problem."


We are incredibly inaccurate in our estimates of our future time and energy capacity.

As if we saw a stranger there who would then do it for us.

However, a year from now we will have to face the same tasks as now.

That's also why so many people's problems remain unresolved.

We feel good when we throw a task into the app, but that's often where it ends.

Tasks pile up there and suddenly we have a terrifyingly long list of 100 unfulfilled tasks in the app.

So we'd rather delete the app and start from scratch 🤦‍♂️



Instead of writing down notes, put each one in your calendar.

Create a clear "from-to" time block for it, thanks to which you will always see it in the context of the day, week or month. And you will see that your capacities are not unlimited.

In our digital news, Journaling in Notion , you have the creation of tubes directly linked to the calendar, so you never schedule something that you will not have the capacity for.

At the end of the week, Monday is waiting for you to reflect on the week. At the end of the month Mesačnica. And at the beginning the well-known sections from the paper Journal.

Have your planning available from your mobile phone and laptop.

Discovery Journal in Notion

And remember that doing more sometimes means planning less :)

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